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Dragonflight Review (Book)

This was the February selection for Geek Girls Book Club and one of my all time favorite books as a teenager. This entire series had an incredible impact on me and was one of the reasons I have so much love for Sci Fi and Fantasy literature.

But that was almost twenty years ago and reading this as an adult shines a rather different light on the book. Turns out that this book is just not very good. All I can figure is that my teenage hormones clouded my memory or impaired my cognitive ability.

Oh it’s not all bad. The story is quite entertaining and the world is incredibly compelling. What’s not too like about psychic dragons for companions? Guess I will always be a dragon girl.

And though the main female character is feisty and does succeed in the end, she is not treated very well. Much of her drive and fire is labeled as childish and undermined as being untrustworthy. Its not quite uncalled for, she is rather bratty, but her male counterpart does nothing to help guide her or include her in his confidences.

Then of course there is the constant violence he uses against her, as well as the rape. The author completely fails to address these issues and the emotional scarring they leave, nor does she give us a healing or rebuilding of trust. Actually very little emotional connection to characters is created throughout the book.

To top it all off, the writing is rather terrible. It is so very dated, incredibly uninviting, and stilted. The writing style actually managed to hamper my enjoyment of the story.

Despite all this evidence, I can’t bring myself to not like it. It was just too instrumental of a book in my formative years for me to throw it too the wolves. And though I question my teenage self somewhat, I found the book not terrible enough to quench the nostalgic love that I had for it.

And then it hits me. Embarassing though it may be, it rings too true to be ignored – Dragonflight was my Twilight. Oh, you young twilighters have some royal embarrassment to look forward too. =P

Release date: July 1968
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction


Three out of Five Mushrooms. My adult self would give this a one and half, but my inner teen insists on a five, so we are compromising on three.
I am really hoping that the rest of the dragon series is better. Maybe this book is suffering from first book syndrome. I can only hope. And on I read to see if my teenaged self can be redeemed. =P

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4 Responses to “Dragonflight Review (Book)”

  1. Bill Says:

    Could be worse. It could be Piers Anthony… says the guy who recently loaded up A Spell of Chameleon on his Kindle.

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Hahaha, I haven’t read Piers Anthony since about that time also. Dont tell me he was a terrible writer too!?!? All my childhood memories shattered. =P

  3. Bill Says:

    Think about that for a moment and you’ll realize you always knew Piers Anthony was a terrible writer. You just didn’t care. I mean come on, an entire world where everyone is naked.

  4. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    LOL, I totally forgot about the naked world. Oh Piers! Sadly you are totally correct, I just didn’t want to admit it. =P