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4.01 Shell Shock

So the latest World of Warcraft patch (4.01) went live yesterday. After two hours of patch downloading and two hours of patch installing and finishing with another hour of post patch patching, I was finally able to get into the game! This is what greeted me:

This might just spell the end of my WoW career…
I’m not sure there is anything more terrifying in WoW then staring at a bunch of completely empty and totally changed talent trees. Not only do I have to reselect talents, but I also have to relearn how to play each of my characters. They pretty much changed EVERYTHING!

Totally empty!! THE HORROR!

And for a real kick in the head, they changed the druid tree form (which was the ENTIRE reason I wanted to play a druid, to frolick around the world of Azeroth as a tree) into a thirty second buff. That’s right, my druid gets to look like a tree for thirty seconds every three minutes.

Not happy!

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