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Kickstarting all Games

The Shadowrun Kickstarter recently ended with bonus funding. I am SOOOOO excited for this!! I pledged enough that I get ALL the swag!! The doc wagon card and the USB dog tags and the shirts and a poster. OMG I CANT WAIT! Yaaaay Shadowrun!

Wasteland 2 also managed to garner far more support then was asked for. Makes me wonder if they could actually make a game if they had only gotten the minimum amount.

Anyway its all rosy for both of them and since I was a supporter for both, I look forward to playing the games.. sometime. Year and half or two? I would be surprised if they can deliver faster. (So hard to wait, but must be realistic!) Going to be interesting to see what happens. =D

But my Kickstarting hasn’t waned simply because Shadowrun is a go. There are more projects to support!!

Grim Dawn, an action role playing game using the Titan Quest engine. Its sounding like a mix between Titan Quest and EverQuest. Double quest lovin. Mainly because they are focusing on the open world aspect and the lack of hand holding. This game will not be forgiving, people!

Zombicide is my other currently supported project. It’s a cooperative boardgame that, like the title suggests, is a zombie survival game. I’m not sure if it could be more awesome, but they seem to be managing more and more bonus material, since the pledge drive is currently far exceeding their expectations.

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2 Responses to “Kickstarting all Games”

  1. Myrmidian Says:

    The thing I wonder about these things is what do they do with the extra money? I mean, if they have a design to make a game that will cost $60K, and they get $1M…

    Are they obliged to spend that on the game? Do they return any overage? Do they just get to keep that and do whatever they want with it? I mean, they promised to make GameX for $60K. They can still do exactly that, and have $940K left over. I haven’t looked into Kickstarter too much. Do you know, TFG?

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    In general they seem to allocate the money to new features which they reveal as milestones are reached etc. But as far as I know they aren’t obligated to do anything. According to the Kickstarter FAQ if they do not complete the project they are obligated to return the money or risk being sued. But in the case of these games, I think its hard to determine exactly what you are paying for.
    Is a thirty minute game adventure qualify? Well they never actually said how long or how much they will provide, so maybe yes. This is where the grey area comes in and essentially comes down to trust.
    Maybe all the extra money is going to bonuses, maybe its going to new features like they said, but there is no one keeping track. Kickstarter certainly isn’t.
    It will be really interesting to see what these companies release, especially since they actually have a reputation at stake. 82k supporters on the Double Fire drive could make a lot of noise if it all fell apart.
    The biggest thing I wonder about is which one of these will start up a new kickstarter to get funds to finish the game. =) The game industry is notorious for running behind time and over budget. Will this happen here as well?