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Obduction Kickstarter

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Can’t stay away from Kickstarter forever, especially when something as fun as a new Cyan adventure goes live. Myst was one of my all time favorite games, I even got a copy of the game on my phone.

A brand new Cyan adventure that takes the Myst template and expands upon it sounds way too good to not support. Only 19 days left to go for anyone else out there who is interested in supporting the Obduction Kickstarter. =D

Support support support, I want more Cyan games!!

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4 Responses to “Obduction Kickstarter”

  1. greymalkin Says:

    I pledged! Hmmm, perhaps I should get around to actually playing and finishing Myst and Riven. :) I’m such a bad game-finisher.

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says: need to finish. Some people get the most enjoyment out of completing the whole thing, while others simply play until satisfied. Neither way is the correct way. =)

  3. greymalkin Says:

    My problem is that when I have time to myself that is not scheduled to get anything done… I still default to reading a book. It’s only afterwards I’m like, dammit, I could have played a video game! And so months pass in between playing games and I pretty much have to re-learn how to play every time I start up again. I think the only game I’ve finished by myself since high school is Costume Quest (so cute!). I think I used up all my video game stamina playing out every ending of Phantasy Star I, II and most of III :P I do love them though. Perhaps during the quieter post-holiday season I will knock out some video game time. Of course I have three bookshelves of books to read…

  4. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    The biggest problem of getting older and responsible is the diminishing free time. It used to be that there was time for reading a book (or two or ten) and playing games.
    Now we have to pick. =(