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One of my main focuses for reviews is keeping track of how long I play something. Personally I think this is tantamount to reviewing games. Playing WoW for 2 hours verses playing it for a hundred is a vastly different experience.

Which is why I’m surprised it took me to long to sign up for one of these tracking services. I finally have a Raptr account. I’m not sure if this is the best option, but I’m sticking with it for now. (Happy to hear about other sites that might be better!)

So I am a Raptr member as of May 8th. Not very long. When I signed in it logged all the games I played on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC, but it couldn’t track my time. Which means that according to the average Raptr member I’m a bit wimpy. Oh well. But it is tracking nicely now. Oh how I wish I had signed up for this earlier. I would love to see how much time I really spent on Portal 2.

Anyway here is my official Raptr thingy. (Sooo official!)

Raptr Forum Signature

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2 Responses to “Raptr-ed”

  1. Myrmidian Says:

    Yeah, let me know if there are better ones. I signed up, but it couldn’t connect to my Xbox account. I think I may have that account locked down so that only friends can see me. I’ll have to check on it.

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    If your Xbox account isn’t linking its probably because of your privacy settings. Go change them online. Raptr gave me a link when I tried it. Just try again. =)
    I had to reload my PS3 games a few times since it kept forgetting various ones.
    Its not the easiest service to use, but it looks like the others that I have seen aren’t much better. Dunno. =/