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The Party before the Playoffs

Its Thursday, that magical day that kicks off another weekend of Fantasy Football. But this week is special because its finally Week 15, better known as the Quarterfinals in the Playoff Extravaganza!! Thats right, only three more weekends until the 2013 Fantasy Football Champion is determined.

And guess who is going into this championship ranked in second place, with nine wins and five losses, that’s right, ME!

fantasy football week 14 win image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming loveThis is where I would talk about my very in depth strategy and how my countless hours of football watching and stats monitoring have paid off, but that’s simply not how it works. While I have learned a lot about football in the past years, thanks to this fantasy football league, I still rely mostly on luck and expert suggestions for team selections. I don’t have a huge amount of time to research a bunch of football stuff, but more importantly I enjoy reveling in the surprise victories.

Like last week; my team really pulled out all the stops. Its these weeks that keep me coming back to play Fantasy Football each year. These unexpected moments of brilliance.  Well this is what I tell myself anyway, since I have yet to end up with a point hog like Payton Manning on my team. =P

Will let you know how the playoffs turn out. My hope is to not get eliminated in the first round, but ya never know. =D

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2 Responses to “The Party before the Playoffs”

  1. Diego Says:

    I finished an unceremonious 8th in my league. The injury bug destroyed me this season.

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I’m not doing so well myself. Will update soon. =/