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The WoW Treadmill

The latest patch for World of Warcraft (patch 3.3) was recently released, featuring a few new dungeons and of course lots more gear to get.

Being the good little WoW hamster that I am, I hopped onto the gear and reputation grinding mill as soon as I possibly could. And most other times I find myself happily chasing that tantalizing carrot dangling ever so close to my nose, yet with this latest patch it seems like I am running through mud.

Adding in the badge system for purchasing gear and items was a brilliant move that opened up gear to a much larger group of people. With the 3.3 patch, new gear was added and along with that they added new badges to purchase the higher level gear. Only they made the new Frost badges almost impossible to get, unless of course you are raiding.

Even for those raiders out there, there is only one new raiding dungeon that was added. The only place that drops frost badges! To top it all off, they didn’t even finish the dungeon! Its still missing quite a few bosses.


So I lumber through the mud, though its wearing on my patience. But I do understand why the decided to take this route. This is the last new content before the next big expansion and frankly its not much. How this is going to last for the next 8 months to a year until Cataclysm, I dont know.

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