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Elite Beat Agents Review (DS)

Elite Beat Agents is a perfect example of the greatness that can come out of Japan, especially when they let their kooky side shine.

A rather eccentric little rhythm game, that showcases around twenty easily recognizable and entertaining songs. These are cleverly paired with strangely appropriate stories, which revolve around people in need. Once these folks are identified and their need quantified, the Elite Beat Agents are sent in to dance their way to a fabulous solution.

The actual game mechanics revolve around keeping the rhythm going by tapping the screen at the specified locations in the proper sequence and with proper timing. It’s a quite ingenious little design. Each measure is numbered and color coordinated and displayed in the shape of a sequence of colored balls. These have shrinking halos around them that act as visual indicators of when exactly to tap.

Although this may be the nuts and bolts of the game, the meat, slathered in gravy and served over a bed of truffled wild rice, are the stories. Each one is so deliciously silly; I have a difficult time paying attention to the actual game.

This oft-entertaining distraction does increase the difficulty. In fact if there is one major objection I have, it is that the game is a bit difficult. Even played on the easy level (there are two levels, easy and normal) I wasn’t able to compete all the levels, and I certainly wasn’t able to watch the story unfold as I played. =(

Release date: November 6, 2006
Developer: iNiS
Platform: DS
Genre: Rhythm Music Game
Time played: 4 hours. Will play some more though.


Four out of Five Mushrooms. This game is just so incredibly endearing with its kooky stories and engaging songs. Game play is just fine, but the game wouldn’t be nearly as fabulous without all the bells and whistles. =)

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