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Saddest Game Scene goes to Puzzle and Dragons

A little while ago I finished the 30 Days of Video games, twice. Despite needing 60 different topics to write about, I threw out quite a few of the original list’s topics, including “Saddest Game Scene”. Frankly I thought it was a silly topic, mostly because I couldn’t come up with one single example. Well none that didn’t make me want to snort derisively anyway.

But Puzzle and Dragons changed all that. Puzzle and Dragons has officially become my choice for this tragic topic. Behold:

Only one egg can drop in each wave, so that king dragon there isn't going to drop for me.

Only one egg can drop in each wave, so that king dragon there isn’t going to drop for me.

What makes this even more tragic is that is happens ALL THE TIME!

Oh and I just found this lovely image of a Super Metal Dragon not dropping for me. This ones a keeper for sure.

Happens on Super Kings also.

Happens on Super Kings also.

Makes me cry every time.  QQ


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11 Responses to “Saddest Game Scene goes to Puzzle and Dragons”

  1. Xarex Says:

    Call this my conspiracy theory, but I have found that if you select the mob you wish to get the egg for, select that mob and kill it first, you tend to get that egg rather than anything else.

    Works 100% =P

    Okay.. maybe not 100%, but it makes me feel better when it does work!

  2. diego Says:

    I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with all the Evolve material dragons. Do I just sell ‘em?

  3. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    @X – that doesn’t seem to work very well for me. Sadly.

    @Diego – the dragons that drop in the special dragon dungeons are Enhance Materials, which means they are worth a lot of experience. So use them to level up your main guys. =D
    Oh and super gold dragons sell for a lot of money also. But the experience might be more useful then the extra gold.

  4. diego Says:


  5. diego Says:

    what do I do with Enhance Material monsters like Fire Pengdra?

  6. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    These are also used for leveling up as they give huge exp!
    There are two ways to get the most experience out of them. First is to level them to max, which is level ten and only takes around 2600 experience (depending on their starting level). The second is to evolve them. This is the prefered method as the evolved penguins give much more experiance, but they also require hard to come by materials to evolve.
    Here is a link to the Fire Pengdra info:
    In general this website is awesome. =)

  7. diego Says:

    oh, that helps alot! I think that I’m getting the hang of the game, but I’m kind of stuck for now. The dungeons are too hard for my monsters!

  8. timmer Says:

    i’ve been trying xarex’ technique of selecting the mob you want to drop an egg. it doesn’t work too well if you happen to kill mobs besides the targeted one. killing that one mob and no others is an interesting puzzle in and of itself. ;->

  9. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Yeah you need to level up an ADK team and possibly put together a Zombie team.
    Here is a good beginner link:

    I would suggest trying to get a basic ADK team, which includes the Ripper dragons. And then since you have Viper Orochi, you should get a good resolve team going. All you need for that is a healer friend. =)

  10. diego Says:

    Hmm, where can I find a healer? ;)

  11. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    LOL! Well just let me know if you need a Siren buddy. I can always put her up for ya. =)