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Holiday Relaxings

Now that things are slowing down after the rush of holidays (no 12 days of Christmas for us) its time to sit back and enjoy the spoils of winter festivities. For me this mostly means getting some gaming time in and lazing around the house (aka playing 3DS while I catch up on shows. Current favorite: Continuum.)

As for presents, I don’t really have that much to report. The husband and I have a very firm no presents with each other rule. This is balanced out by the ‘we are grown ups and can buy ourselves whatever we want, when we want it’ rule; good for us, but horrible for anyone actually wanting to get us presents. Thus we avoid the gift exchange all together, when possible anyway.

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Isn’t it pretty?!?

But this year my gaming buddies managed to get me something super awesome. Okay, its not gaming awesome but since I have a ‘splurging on gaming awesome’ issue, my friends had to fill in other blanks that I tend to avoid. They got me a rice cooker! But not just any rice cooker, nope, the fancy one I had been eying forever, that I just couldn’t quit bring myself to buy. Now I OWN it and rice will be the new staple at our house!

My one self purchase that I have designated as my holiday present, was this awesome N7 hoodie. I have to say I really really love it; its super stylish as well as comfortable and geeky. Though I call it my holiday gift, I actually ordered it at the beginning of December. And I’m super glad I did, as of this writing, everything but the XL is sold out. Even when I bought it the medium was sold out. I got the large instead and since I prefer to be comfy, the roominess of the large suits me well.

I hope everyone had (or is having) a fabulous winter (or summer if you happen to be on the south side of the planet) holiday season. Onward to the 2014!! <3

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7 Responses to “Holiday Relaxings”

  1. Deveryn Says:

    Nice cooker. I’m not a fan of the non-stick stuff either, so I still use the Hitachis my grandparents used. :p

    My favorite piece of loot this year is my new Life-Phorm by

    I’ve been having some fun in EQ2 and offline, though I could do without this throat irritation. I’m looking forward to 2014. This year started off a mess, but things have been improving recently. :)

  2. Bill Says:

    I’ve come to the realization that one of the best things to do is to create a list of gifts for yourself that would be cool to have but you just haven’t found the time to pick it up. Mostly for me this has been board games but also the Dr. Who Key to Time.

  3. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    @Dev, I hope 2014 picks up and is fabulous. <3 Maybe time to quit EQ? ~gasp~

    @Bill, so this list thing you speak of is what I call my amazon wish list. ;)

  4. Deveryn Says:

    Yeah. I’ll probably quit EQ2.

    and head to EQN Landmark :D

  5. Bill Says:

    Yeah. It is my Amazon Wishlist too. But I have relatives who want to buy those things so I go throught he effort to make the list with those sorts of gifts in mind.

  6. Myrmidian Says:

    TFG, your wish list shows this rice cooker, then entries which are years old. And many of which you already own.

  7. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Well I also use it as a reminder list. =D