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My Disney Loot

Since I couldn’t bring everything awesome home from Disneyland, I had to be a little picky. These weren’t easy choices but it was fairly apparent that certain items just couldn’t be left behind. So here is my Disney loot. =)

Yup, thats two lightsabers. I could have easily built more. Definitely a highlight of the trip. =)


Really cute t-shirts. Cant have enough tokidoki/marvel t-shirts.

Bobba Fett hat. By far my favorite item. It is so beyond awesome there was no way I was walking out of that store without it.

That pretty much sums up my Disney trip. Oh there was more but I have been trying to limit myself to the geekier aspects of the trip. No need to share how many princesses I posed with. (This is the last Disneyland trip post, I promise.) =D

Also my favorite ride is still the Buzz Lightyear ride. Sadly it broke down while we were there so I only got to go on it once. =/

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2 Responses to “My Disney Loot”

  1. greymalkin Says:

    Love the Bobba Fett hat! The shirts are great too. I’m not a fan of Thor but that shirt is great. I’d probably buy it too. Nice lightsabers!

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    The Thor shirt was the only black one. As you can see the Invisible Woman shirt is pink, very pink.
    I’m actually quite surprised I didnt come home with more stuff. =P