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Resolutions and Geekolutions

Quick, quick, I need to make some resolutions before the end of January. Yup, I’m procrastinating on making resolutions which I will eventually also find excuses to avoid. Nonono, this year will be different, because…because…because Captain Picard said “Make it so!”

Okay so I don’t really have any resolutions for this year, mainly because I already have lots of things I want to work on but haven’t quite found enough time or motivation. Thus I’m turning my resolution list into my ‘to do’ wish list for 2014.

It is my hope that sharing this list of ‘wishful intentions’ will help me stay motivated, which will hopefully lead to productivity. Its the ‘I already talked about it so I must do it’ self guilt trip that I am hoping will compensate for my high skill at procrastination. (I win at procrastination! Wee!)

Okay starting with the website:
-Finish reviewing all the games on my list . (Eeek!)
-Site redesign and update, hopefully with integrated tumblr.
-Make a video, try anyway. =P
-Podcast some fiction. This one is a long shot.
-Update a bit more. Vague, should be easy to follow.
-Try not to get burned out.

Stopping there, before I completely freak myself out. =)

Oh, but must add a few more personal ones:
-Read 100 books, or 30,000 pages, or both.
-Watch more anime. I have a whole list to get through.

Though I try to start each year with new goals, I found a little extra inspiration from Geek and Sundry this year. They came out with a video last month talking about all of their ‘Geekolutions’, which is just what you would expect it to be, geeky resolutions.

While most of my resolutions are pretty geeky already, one interesting suggestion popped up, the 10×10 challenge on The idea is to pick ten board games and play each of them ten times. That is a huge commitment, but one I am sorely tempted to try. Mostly because I have this huge problem with buying new boardgames, despite having an overwhelming amount of games to play. Attempting this challenge might just help curb my spending on boardgames affliction. But then which boardgames do I pick, and who would play the same ten boardgames with me over and over again? Am going to have to think about this one for a while, maybe a whole year. =P

Happy New Year Everyone. (Look I procrastinated so long that I managed to post in between Gregorian New Year and Chinese New Year. Covering all my bases.)


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8 Responses to “Resolutions and Geekolutions”

  1. Deveryn Says:

    I’m reminded I have a few anime series I need to finish and I need to watch more anime in general. That’s my geekolution.

  2. Bill Olander Says:

    I actually bought a notebook to keep track of my life. In the back of it I wrote down all of my resolutions. I’ve avoided putting them down someplace public but… since you asked ;-)

    1. Convert Old Books to Electronic Storage (Robert Asprin has been tough)
    2. Exercise More: Long Walks
    3. Swim with my Family
    4. Read more and review what I read. (AKA Use my Goodreads account)
    5. Never get on the scale, ever. (The doctor made me break this already)
    6. Write up 53 Blog posts (Fridays at 11am EST, plus Christmas Eve)
    7. Remember what’s Important (Family Time)

    A. Live a life worth talking about.
    B. No Kickstarter this year
    C. Do not change Avatar, Username, or Blog
    D. Publish (RPG Adventures or my Paranormal Romance novel)
    E. Don’t be afraid of who I am.

    Fitness Addendum:
    - Water (No soda)
    - No Snacks, Gifts are OK.
    - No Seconds
    - Soups, Salad, Sushi when eating out. (Sandwiches?)

  3. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I heartily approve!
    On a similar note, I finally finished watching Evangelion (the original series) and almost wish I hadn’t. So bad.

  4. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Nice list! =)

  5. Deveryn Says:

    I agree. Evangelion wasn’t all that great.

    I have some fitness goals as well, but I started on those in September. I can’t think of anything new to add to that.

    For a proper resolution, I’m going with further improvement on my photography (mainly my workflow) and doing more contest submissions.

  6. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I like to pretend I have fitness goals, but really I dont. I work out, but its mostly to maintain a feeling of well being and good health. =)

  7. Myrmidian Says:

    Speaking of Evangelion, the movie is apparently rare to the point of being stupidly expensive.

  8. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    ARG!! We will forever be left with that horrible ending. NOOOoooooOOOOoooOOOOOOO!!