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Works in Progress, aka Kickstarter

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

For a complete update on my current kickstarter status, we must take a look at my three most recently supported projects, which are all still in progress. (Hint: Plenty of time for you all to pledge.)

women destroy scifi book collection female authors kickstarter image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love“Women Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo Award-nominated magazine LIGHTSPEED entirely written—and edited—by women. LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE’s June 2014 issue—our fourth anniversary issue—will be a Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue. And we will also—for the first time in LIGHTSPEED’s history—have a guest editor at the helm.” WOMEN DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION! Kickstarter

My Thoughts: Supporting women science fiction authors galore. More please.

Cusomisable 3d mini figures via website kickstarter image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love“Hero Forge is a service that lets you design custom tabletop minis, have them 3D printed, and delivered right to your doorstep. By using a sophisticated parts system and web UI, we’re bringing the flexibility, ease, and control of a robust video game character creator to the tabletop.” Customizable 3D Printed Tabletop Miniatures Kickstarter

My Thoughts: If this really works, it might just be the best new minis source of all time. I have lost track of how many times I was unable to find a mini to accurately represent my RPG character. This is mostly because of my usually female character choice, but also because of the limited race/class combinations.

Icarus graphic Novel kickstarter image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love“An original graphic novel from Gregory Wilson and Matt Slay about a being who falls from the sky to save a world from tyranny.” Icarus: A Graphic Novel Kickstarter

My Thoughts: This is actually a friend of mine’s project. While I always like to support my friends, it really helps when they are super talented (as is the case here!!)

Well that wraps up all my kickstarter stuff. At least I have caught up on one topic. Weeeee.

Kickstarter Funded Projects

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Despite the lack of Kickstarting update posts, I still have quite an unhealthy habit of tossing my money at hopeful projects. Time for a quick update of my current funded projects. (Am leaving out the ones I have already posted about, oh and a few of the less nerdy ones.)


Happy New Year and 2013 Retrospective!

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

captain picard dont wish for a great 2014, make it so image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming loveIt’s officially 2014! Happy New Year everyone! Lets hope for great things to come, or better yet, take a note from the fabulous Captain Picard and make it so! I have to say that I am finding this to be excellent advice and am using it as motivation to work on various projects I have been thinking about for a while now.

But enough about the future, there is all of 2014 ahead to make plans (see me already procrastinating). Properly closing out 2013 calls for a retrospective, or at least a rundown of stats. =)

2013 TFG numbers:

66 posts
5 reviews
18 unreviewed games. ~sigh~
1132 gaming hours tracked
236 Books read, which amounts to 54,325 pages.

Not really as bad as I had expected, especially since I suffered a major “I dont wanna” episode (aka writing burn out!) in 2013. Though I don’t think I can maintain the 10-30 posts a month, I have recovered enough that I am actually looking forward to updating a bit more frequently. Maybe time to tackle that not reviewed list. Eek.

Clearly I played enough games, with just over 47 days (1132hours/24days) of gaming time clocked on raptr. Well that answers the mystery of what I was doing instead of writing reviews, gaming and reading books.

Yes, many books, many pages. Of course, over one hundred of the 236 I read are manga, and though I don’t want to disparage graphic novels, because I love them, I can finish one 200-page manga a bit faster then a comparably long novel. And I’m a fast reader, so maybe the numbers make the time commitment seem a bit more extravagant.

Well that sums up 2013 neatly, mostly anyway, since I didn’t keep track of boardgames at all. Suffice it to say that my collection has grown.

But onward to 2014, the future is here!!

Manga binge

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Geeky life seems lend itself to the accumulation of things, many many things, at least in my case anyway. But the time has come for me to cull the excess, a process that is highly emotional and time intensive. For the past few months I have endeavored to cut down on the items that I really no longer need nor will use in the future. Tricky to pick, but space must be made, you know for all the new stuff!

My manga collection recently went through the ringer. However much I love them, I just can’t justify keeping books I wont be reading anymore. So I cut down the collection by almost 200 books. This is them all stacked up:

manga collection get rid of books - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love

While I have convinced myself its time to let go, I can’t do it without reading them all first. Which is what I have been doing, binging on manga. Trying to read them all before I pass them onward.

I’m about two thirds through the stack. So far I’m pretty happy with my to cut selection, have not had any second thoughts. Plus I’ve been inspired to find some new fun books to start taking up all that available free space. =P


The Maze of Games: An Interactive Puzzle Novel

Friday, March 1st, 2013

the maze of games kickstarter first maze image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek girlYou know how I said I would stay away from Kickstarter, well I lied. Mostly because totally awesomely fabulous projects keep being offered. Damn them! The Maze of Games book is such a project.

The Maze of Games is a full-length, limited edition, hardback puzzle novel with over 50 puzzles and a deeply engaging story, all woven together in a “solve your own adventure” style which will keep you jumping from page to page. This innovative format has never been seen in a puzzle book before, and will be delivered to you in a gorgeous illustrated tome.

As a huge puzzle fan and a voracious reader of choose your own adventures (as a child) there was no way I could pass up this fabulous opportunity to support this artistic combination of the two. It looks simply enchanting. They are even going to be making a ebook version!

Anyway I could gush more, but really just go check out the page for yourself. Its at least worth a look. =D

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review (Xbox 360)

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Oblivion was quite effective at smothering any desire I might have had to play other Elder Scrolls game. Being the victim of poor character choices and frequently lost in the vast empty abyss that was the world of Oblivion (aptly named) made quitting quite easy and overlooking Skyrim easier still.

But then I finished Mass Effect 3 and found myself pining for something similar, something new. Skyrim seemed like the obvious candidate; though thinking about it now, Dragon Age probably would have been a closer match.

Whatever the case, Skyrim was recommended to me and, thanks to my fabulous friends, loaned to me, since I still couldn’t bring myself to purchase a copy. Seemed like the perfect solution as I expected to dislike the game and return it a week later.

the elder scrolls v Skyrim title screen image review - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek


Reading Challenge 2013

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Look at me already being more productive! I finally updated my reading challenge for 2012 (I know, totally overdue!) and even though I managed to read 80 books last year, it only came to 25,860 pages. Bleh, that’s what I get for reading graphic novels. Ah well.

Onward to 2013s challenge, 100 books or 40,000 pages, whichever I manage first. (If last year is any indication I have no hope at 40k pages.) =P

For anyone interested to see what I have been reading, here is my book list on As for how I’m picking what to read, I’ve been following along with a few different online book cluby sort of things which are: Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, Geek Girls Book Club, and occasionally The Sword and Lazer.

Day 49 – Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Both is really my preferred answer, but since that isn’t quite accurate I will attempt to be more specific. As I am a huge fan of both genres, in much more then games, it took a while to figure out that I do really have a preference.

In movies and TV I strongly lean in the Sci-Fi direction, while books are much more middle ground. But in games I seem to prefer the fantasy setting, its certainly what I play the most of.

This is very likely related to my proclivity for role-playing game, which are often in a fantasy setting, rather then the more sci-fi first person shooters. But I’m not sure if my preference is because of game mechanics or genre preference.

Whatever the case, my final answer is fantasy. =)

Final Fantasy square enix image lightning lunge - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek

Vader’s Little Princess

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

I’ve been rather busy with all sorts of other things. Holiday times and so forth. Which always makes the posting suffer.Sorry

Since I still have nothing good to post, here is this awesome tidbit. May it be wonderful once it comes out. =)

Read all about this wonderfulness at

Yes look at the cuteness and ignore that I’m not getting anything done… <3

Order of the Stick Joy!

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

The Order of the Stick Kickstarter was my very first. Secretly I blame them for my minor Kickstarter habit, not that I’m upset about it.

What I am is super HAPPY, because my Order of the Stick package came this week!!!!!!!! Look at the awesomeness!

Coloring books, note pads, magnet, patch, graphic novel, and boardgame expansion.

This really made my week. Might be my favorite Kickstarter of all time (or thus far anyway). Now I need to go color in some stick figures. =)

John Carter Review (3D Movie)

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

I sat down in the movie theater tonight unsure what I was about to watch. Science fiction and action my husband told me, two genres I am always up for watching.

The experience turned out to be quite entertaining; lots of action, good humor, compassionate story, and really good acting.

What I find interesting about this movie is that it is based on a 1917 pulp science fiction story by Edgar Rice Burrough. Both book and movie are about a man, John Carter, who gets mysteriously transported to Mars, where his heroic journey leads him to saving the planet. Though the story must have been updated a bit, it was written almost a hundred years ago, I am really curious to see how similar the movie and book are. Going to try and find a copy of the book to read now.


Vaginal Fantasy Book Club!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

All sorts of geeky book clubs are popping up of late. This one is envisioned by the fabulous Felicia Day.

She and three other very geeky ladies discuss a smutty book of the month on G+ Hangout. It’s incredibly hilarious! Well worth the watch for any Geeky Ladies out there.

Not sure how much it will speak to guys other then they get to watch four geeky ladies say penis a bunch. =P

My name is TFG and I love Asian Entertainment!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I’m on a serious K-drama bender right now. And before you ask, I am not Asian, not even a little bit. So how did I develop a love of the Asian persuasion? I blame Transformers.

It would probably be more accurate to say that Transformers had me primed for the anime bug to sink its teeth deep into my soul. Win for Saturday morning cartoons.

Fast forward to my teen years, I watch Akira for the very first time. Am completely clueless about plot or storyline, but generally floored by the whole experience. Of course I immediately watch it again (finally figure out what the hell is going on) and am totally hooked.

Ninja Scrolls follows as well as a bunch of fabulous Chow Yun Fat movies. At this point selection is limited (I lived in a totally boondocks town, I’m shocked they even had Ninja Scrolls) so I make due with what I can find.

Forward a bit more, I finally make it to a city that has options. Am introduced to Escaflowne, Macross Plus, Gundum, Manga and much more.

Eventually I add in live action Japanese movies and various movies/shows based on manga I liked. This also introduces me to a bunch of K-dramas (Korean dramas) based on Japanese manga. And so the story unfolds.


Dragonflight Review (Book)

Monday, February 13th, 2012

This was the February selection for Geek Girls Book Club and one of my all time favorite books as a teenager. This entire series had an incredible impact on me and was one of the reasons I have so much love for Sci Fi and Fantasy literature.

But that was almost twenty years ago and reading this as an adult shines a rather different light on the book. Turns out that this book is just not very good. All I can figure is that my teenage hormones clouded my memory or impaired my cognitive ability.


Ready Player One Review (Book)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Ready Player One is the latest geeky book phenomenon by Ernest Cline and also the January book for the Geek Girl Book Club.

Set in a dystopian future; economic and environmental catastrophes have resulted in a huge worldwide resource shortage. Anyone who can afford it escapes his or her poverty stricken existence by plugging into the virtual OASIS, an immersive Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

Upon his death, the creator of OASIS, wills his entire fortune, billions of dollars and controlling shares in the OASIS Company, to the first person that can find the three virtual keys he has hidden inside the game. Massive treasure hunting fever sweeps the world.

Five years later, not a single key has been found. Until Wade, a young man who, like most of his peers, grew up plugged into the OASIS simulation. He discovers, through luck, tenacity and a bit of brains, the first of the three keys. Pandemonium ensues and we get to come along for the ride.