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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review (Xbox 360)

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Oblivion was quite effective at smothering any desire I might have had to play other Elder Scrolls game. Being the victim of poor character choices and frequently lost in the vast empty abyss that was the world of Oblivion (aptly named) made quitting quite easy and overlooking Skyrim easier still.

But then I finished Mass Effect 3 and found myself pining for something similar, something new. Skyrim seemed like the obvious candidate; though thinking about it now, Dragon Age probably would have been a closer match.

Whatever the case, Skyrim was recommended to me and, thanks to my fabulous friends, loaned to me, since I still couldn’t bring myself to purchase a copy. Seemed like the perfect solution as I expected to dislike the game and return it a week later.

the elder scrolls v Skyrim title screen image review - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek


Mass Effect 2 Review (PC)

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Bioware’s epic sequel was a huge success; sold millions of copies and probably single handedly funded the new Star Wars MMO (well maybe not). Of course all the reviewers loved it, which automatically makes me suspicious.

Good reviews are a kiss/curse for me. Everyone seems to be talking about the damn game, yet I so rarely agree with the general media populace. Internal struggle ensues, which is why I tend to drag my heels.

Thus Mass Effect 2 managed to get shelved behind a bunch of other less controversial items. Plus, it had an extra strike against it because I played Mass Effect (the original) on the xbox. Ugh, playing with those stupid analogue sticks made me want to scream. I think it got a total of twenty minutes playtime before I vowed to torch the disk.

But I learned, and purchased Mass Effect 2 for the PC. If only I had gotten the original on the PC, I might have played it far more.


Beta Blues

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

So I was going do a little bragging dance about how I got a Diablo 3 Beta key and all (yaay me!) but it turns out that my version crashes at the character selection screen.

My Diablo 3 beta experience is all in technical support right now. Which by the way has been pretty responsive.

Am hoping that I will get a chance to play…someday…before the beta is done. =(

<3<3<3 to my husband for getting me the beta key. <3<3<3

Hanging with Friends Review (iPhone)

Friday, July 8th, 2011

With Zynga’s purchase of the Words with Friends title, it was only a matter of time before the onslaught of ‘with friends’ titles began. I am positive that ‘Hanging with Friends’ is mainly the flagship, the forerunner in the ‘with Friends’ campaign that Zynga will launch on the social and mobile networks. Quantity over quality does seem to be their modus operandi.

But my Words with Friends devotion overshadowed any Zynga concerns and so I tried the new Hanging with Friends.



Friday, July 16th, 2010

So I upgraded to Wordpress 3.0 and now my images dont show up.

No one seems to know exactly why. Fun.

Excuse the lack of images. Will get that fixed as soon as I can. (Edit: I should say, I am going to ask the lovely, smart people at Dreamhost to fix the problem. They are my Tech-Knights in Shining Armor. /swoon)

(Edit #2, the Wordpress upgrade renamed one of my folders, which is why the pictures aren’t working. Now I need to figure out how to fix it so I dont have to go and manually fix every single image.)

(Edit #3, work around fixed. Images back up. Thanks soooo much Dreamhost techies!)

Gamma Radiation Maybe?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

This past weekend my laptop started acting funny again. It was worrisome since it had just made it back from being soaked in water. (Turns out laptops don’t like it.)

Anxiously I returned to the Mac Genius bar and explained how the touchpad buttons don’t seem to work anymore because there seemed to be some sort of bulge and maybe it had to do with the previous damage. Very politely the guy cut into my nervous babbling (I was picturing weeks again without my laptop), turned over the computer and popped out the battery. Computer worked like a dream after that.


Falling Pray to the Newness

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

I haven’t been playing World of Warcraft much of late.

Two weeks ago a brand new patch was released. It boasted a huge amount of new content and it completely broke the game. Finally, two weeks after its release, I am starting to find my WoW legs again.

The new features were many, like a new high end raiding dungeon (that is way too hard) and a new tournament system that tests feats of skill (like jousting). But the one that got me was the option to have two sets of talents.

“Players level 40 and higher will now be able to visit their trainer to pay a one-time fee and access the dual talent specialization feature.” 3.1.0 patch notes.

It’s not clear what I was thinking as I plunked down a thousand gold to purchase this new feature. I can only attribute it to being blinded by the Shiny New factor. Because if I had for just one second stopped and really thought about what I was getting into, I am sure that I could have saved myself lots of wasted gold and two weeks of agony.


Making the best of the bugs!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Last night, in World of Warcraft, was free gear night for all Warlocks and Priests!! Okay really it was a bug and it got fixed this morning, but before all that happened I got my little level forty Warlock out there and purchased some level seventy PvP gear!!

warlock level seventy pvp gear all in a bag, displaying one set of stats, bug exploit level forty warlock girl gamer
Filled up one entire bag full of gear.

warlock level seventy pvp outfit look, bug exploiting gain for level forty warlock girl gamer
If she were only level seventy she could have looked like this for one night. =D


Technical Difficulties

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I have been spending most of my time working on the look of the website of late. (Plus I got sucked into Zelda and disapeared off the face of the earth.)

Well, I finally found a look that I am rather pleased with but now I can’t go back and edit my old posts. It clears all the formatting.

I’m trying to fix this but if you see a funky post its probably because of this small glitch.