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Happiest Little Tree

Monday, November 19th, 2012

My druid gets to be a tree again! No more Tauren hugeness blocking 90% of my screen (ok, I exaggerate a bit). Oh and there is this, the new aquatic form, Orca. Win.

Druids are officially the most fun class in World of Warcraft. =)



Tree Druid healing is a thing again

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Now that my Warlock is getting all squared away, reached 90 and equipped her well enough to raid, I find I have time to think about the possibility of leveling other characters. But which one to pick?

Well last night my husband pointed out to me that Druids have the option to be in perma tree form again, thanks to this nifty glyph. Yes, I am sure that everyone but me has known about this forever since it was in beta, but I just dont have the bandwidth to keep up with all the news.

Anyway, that pretty much made the choice for me. The entire reason I made my druid, way back when, was so that I could play a tree! And now I can again!!!!!

Now to figure out talents and how to play. Ugh.

Oooh, a little Warlock side note, I switched her to Affliction and am loving it. Demonology was kind of a cluster-f to play, but am finding Affliction quite intuitive and easy.

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm Review (PC, Mac)

Friday, September 14th, 2012

With Mists of Pandaria (MoP) about to go live, it’s clear that my blurb about Cataclysm is rather overdue. Not that much of it is relevant anymore, what with the recent MoP patch and all the changes to character classes. But there is plenty of time left to discuss (criticize?) MoP, onward to Cataclysm.


Day 13 – A game you’ve played more then 100 hours

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The list of games that I have played for over 100 hours isn’t very long. Animal Crossing and Diablo 2 are two of them. EverQuest, the biggest time suck of all time, will probably always remain my number one most played game. By the time I finally quit, I had played over 300 days. Yes, days not hours. It took forever to do anything in that game.

But, I’m not playing any of those games anymore, which is why none of them is my final choice. World of Warcraft on the other hand I still play.

How much have I played it? I logged in to check my four most played characters and it’s a bit over 120 days. I have two accounts with three level 85 characters, two of which have full raid gear.

Yup, WoW is currently my most time intensive game. Seems like the clear choice. =)

WoW Macros – the way to better healing

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Playing a healing class always feels like a huge responsibility. Unlike a DPS class, people notice if the healer is crappy. Death is somewhat hard to overlook. Which is why I have always tried to optimize my Druid as much as possible.

Though I did all my research, gotten my talents up to date, gemmed and reforged my gear, did all the things I could do to be the best healer I could be, I was still hitting a wall.


4 Piece Bonus – T13

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I didn’t know I had any firsts left in World of Warcraft. Then again I was pretty sure I was done raiding, so what the hell do I know. =P

Yup, for the first time ever, my warlock has her four piece tier set bonus. What makes this even more amazing is that it’s the current highest gear level. That’s right, tier 13.

The highest gear was only ever available to high end raiding groups, this means militaristic 25-40 people, methodically dying week after week, until the gear and learning curve were sufficient. Then it’s just grinding through the raid over and over. Sounds fun right?

Most like torture really. Loot hasn’t been much of a motivator to participate in such masochism, since the days of EverQuest anyway. And so I have forgone set piece completion in favor of sanity.

But with the latest patch, Looking for Raid (LFR) was added to the game. This is a cross server collection of 25 people, very much like the looking for group system. What makes this really work is that they dumbed down the encounters to such an extent that hardly any coordination is required and completing the event takes very little time.

So lots of success to be had in LFR, high end gear is finally available to all a wider range of players. But like all LF experiences you still have to deal with 24 other random people, replete with ninja looting, complaining, afk-ing, quitting, failing, and so forth.

Thankfully my warlock now has her 4 piece tier bonus, so I never have to LFR with her again. Sadly my druid isn’t quite as lucky.

Moment of Weakness + WoW Patch = Quicksand

Monday, December 5th, 2011

It’s only the beginning of the holiday season and I am already so burned out. This might have to do with the thirty some people that crammed into my very small place for thanksgiving. After that whole ordeal, I find myself in a motivational slump.

Which is terrible timing (learned my lesson, don’t invite 30 over and feed them!) It’s a busy time. Family obligations, various fairs to attend, and massive amounts of game releases make for very little extra downtime.

And then a new WoW patch was released. And Word of Warcraft is so easy; my husband plays, my characters are already established, our guild merged with another small one so more people are playing. It requires so little thinking and motivation from me, I just piggy back onto the husband’s schedule.

Turns out that I now find myself raiding three nights a week and gearing up two characters. (WoW took advantage of me in my moment of weakness!) Bit more then I was aiming for, but then I should know better. WoW has always sucked me in whole; I’m not so good at applying the whole ‘in moderation’ virtue to WoW.

But I have to say that the 4.3 Patch has made the game much more fun. By that I mean progression is possible, without agonizing grinding or learning curves.

Plus the new tier 13 Warlock set bonuses are awesome! This is probably the first time ever that I have actively wanted to complete a set bonus. Doomguard more often? Yes please!! No more Shard fussing? Finally!

~sigh~ World of Warcraft is like a pit of Quick Sand. Seems like I’m stuck here for a while and the more I struggle the worse it will be. Portal 2 will just have to wait a bit longer. Oh well.


Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Druid has made 85. Thanks to my lovely husband who gave me bonus WoW time this week. =D

But level 85 doesn’t mean I know how to heal yet. Much practice is still in need.

With the mana shortage and extra hitpoints, the healing game has changed. I’m just not used to the vast amount of manage management that is now required.

It was suggested to me to go practice in pvp battles, which I have found to be a great way to get a wide range of healing situations presented in quite a short amount of time. Certainly important to stay on ones toes.

The real bonus here is that if I’m healing I dont have to participate in any of the actual pvp stuff. Win win in my book. =D

Closing out…

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Well its been a pitiful January thus far. The end here is punctuated with a stomach flu making its way around the house.

Its been fun!! Yeah, I am hoping that after recovery, inspiration will kick in again. But then a whole week of feeling like ass has left me dubious about wanting to do anything besides sleep ever again.

My husband has managed to guilt me into leveling my druid to 85 (in WoW) with his call for guild healing. I was leveling her anyway because I want to get the all classes at 85 guild achievement, but now I am going to have to actually heal. I have no idea how to heal as a druid since they changed everything, plus my head is all fuzzy (being sick and all) that everything I read about it so far hasn’t been making much sense. Sleeping is helping to keep my panic over healing at bay. =D

Anyway, I hope everyone is getting through flu season a little more unscathed then all of us here at the plague house.

<3 TFG

4.01 Shell Shock

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

So the latest World of Warcraft patch (4.01) went live yesterday. After two hours of patch downloading and two hours of patch installing and finishing with another hour of post patch patching, I was finally able to get into the game! This is what greeted me:


Level 80 Druid~

Monday, October 4th, 2010

So I haven’t been completely slacking on everything. My druid finally made level 80!!

This makes my third level 80 character in World of Warcraft. Can’t decide if that makes me three times as awesome or three times more pathetic. =)

What is great is that I now have a healer. Turns out its a completely different type of game. My druid off spec is still ranged dps, my comfort zone.


WoW Update!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Its about time for another little World of Warcraft update. And though I have been trying to keep WoW topics from overwhelming the site, I do still spend quite a lot of time playing it still and could go on and on. Thus I am consolidating all my latest news into one post.

Almost forgot to add that the Midsummer World Event began today which is the last world even that my warlock needs to complete the purple drake flying mount achievement.


Healing my way to Tree Form!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Although I have tried a wide range of characters in World of Warcraft, I have not played a healer since beta. Strangely enough the two characters that I have leveled past fifty are both ranged DPS with pets (Hunter and Warlock). Clearly it was time to branch out!

The not playing a healer thing had a few different reasons, the most prominent being: (1) the changes to priests in beta broke my heart and I refused to play one ever again! and (2) my husband plays a holy priest as his main (making reason one very easy to uphold!). Since I enjoy playing WoW with my husband, playing another healer has seemed rather superfluous.

But recently the mood has changed around here. Husband of mine seems to want a bit of a healing break. Maybe he was jealous of my leet deeps, or he was feeling the urge to stray, whatever the case, he is happy to alt it up with me. So he is tanking while I am healing in our awesome druid duo. (Getting pick up groups has been a breeze!!)