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Day 2 – Favorite game franchise

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

There are quite a few franchises that I follow devotedly, but none has been quite as long lasting or as free of disappointment as the Mario franchise has been. Besides, it was my first, and you never forget your first.

Not only has the Mario franchise been around for more then thirty years, it has produced some of the best games ever; Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, etc. I’m not even mentioning all the sequels because the amount is overwhelming.

This franchise is Nintendo’s bread and butter, the reason for Nintendo’s continuing existence and one of the main reasons I keep supporting them.

Of course it is not only about Mario anymore. The franchise has given us a veritable cornucopia of characters to love, hate, and cheer; Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Wario, and more. The Mario family is large and lovable and contains some of the most recognizable characters in the world.

And to the father of the whole bunch, Shigery Miyamoto, thank you so very much for sharing this little bit of awesome with the world. Me = Mario fan for life. <3<3<3

(Cute little side note article – The genealogy of Mario as explained by Japanese 6 year olds.)

30 Days of Video Games

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

This was something I caught the tail end of on another blog, but it seems to have gone around a while ago. Never one to be fazed by being late to the party, I thought this would be quite entertaining. My 400th post hurrah seemed like the perfect excuse to try my hand at answering these thirty video game questions.

But posting every day is a challenge. Very much wanting to succeed, I started working on the list slowly. First I wanted to simply find an answer to each question, which turned out to be trickier then I expected.


The Hero’s Journey

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Extra Credits discusses Journey and how it quite brilliantly expresses the Hero’s Quest. I am calling this incredibly high praise as the video highlights how subtle and ingenious the game Journey actually is. Because its AWESOME!

Sadly, its only part 1. I think part 2 will air next week.

Here is Part 2!

Draw Something Review (iPhone)

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Draw Something, the latest mobile pictonary game from OMGPOP, has had its fifteen minutes of fame. But what a whirlwind fifteen minutes it has been. From its rapid rise to fame, even toppling the number one Angry Birds, to Zynga’s purchase of the struggling OMGPOP. The Atlantic Wire has a great article chronicling the strange story.

As for the actual game, it is basically two-player Pictionary. The first player chose a word from a selection of three, then proceeds to draw it on their mobile device. Once done, the picture is sent to the second player where they have the chance to guess what the word is. Once guessed, the roles are reversed. And though I love Pictionary, Draw Something just never seemed as satisfying.


Kickstarter peek

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

So most of the projects that I have supported are all funded and should be on their way in the next two years. Weee. And of course I have spent waaaay  more then I would have otherwise, because I’m supporting the people! Doing good things!!!

Funds being tapped out and all I have avoided over funding more projects for a while. And then a friend of mine linked this.

A board that doesn’t have to be held down by books, that doesn’t leave crappy ghost images, that might actually last and look decent? Yes please.

The other project I just backed is Tropes vs Women. A webseries looking at the various tropes that women in video games get put into.

This should be really interesting to see come to fruition.

Now I will be stepping away from the kickstarter, for a while anyway. =)


Saturday, May 12th, 2012

One of my main focuses for reviews is keeping track of how long I play something. Personally I think this is tantamount to reviewing games. Playing WoW for 2 hours verses playing it for a hundred is a vastly different experience.

Which is why I’m surprised it took me to long to sign up for one of these tracking services. I finally have a Raptr account. I’m not sure if this is the best option, but I’m sticking with it for now. (Happy to hear about other sites that might be better!)

So I am a Raptr member as of May 8th. Not very long. When I signed in it logged all the games I played on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC, but it couldn’t track my time. Which means that according to the average Raptr member I’m a bit wimpy. Oh well. But it is tracking nicely now. Oh how I wish I had signed up for this earlier. I would love to see how much time I really spent on Portal 2.

Anyway here is my official Raptr thingy. (Sooo official!)

Raptr Forum Signature

Shadowrun <3 Kickstarter

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Shadowrun was one of my all time favorite Pen and Paper RPGs. My little group and I spend many sleepless nights creating characters and flinging them at the corporate evilness that is so prevalent in Shadowrun. My very first character was a hacker named Purple. She of course was beyond awesome and probably one of the reasons I loved the movie Hackers so much. =P

So when I saw this Kickstarter pledge drive for a new Shadowrun game I immediately participated. How could I afford not too? I happily support any effort to bring the Shadowrun world back to life. I was one of the few people who kept on buying all those darn books even though I had no one to play with anymore.  (I even tried to get an internship at FASA at one point, but they had gone belly up by then.)

In fact, for the first time I wish I had $10k to pledge. The reward is pretty much the best thing of all time. Also its sold out, which means three other very rich people agree with me. Invite me to the game????

Pledge $10,000 or more
3 Backers SOLD OUT (0 of 3 remaining)
Previous rewards + Mike Mulvihill, who led Shadowrun game development at FASA Corp., will COME TO YOUR TOWN TO RUN A TABLETOP GAME OF SHADOWRUN FOR YOU AND FIVE OF YOUR FRIENDS. (He’ll even buy some snacks.)

Oh well, I will just resign myself to experiencing the awesome goodness that is Shadowrun in PC format. Support, support, support!!

Husbands who like to min/max, this is the game for you!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Hey Munchkin husbands everywhere, you are in luck. Play Prime World with your wife and get bonus stats!

The developers are trying to support mixed gender groups, yet are relying on Facebook account information to determine actual gender. Laughable and unreliable. Susana Polo of the Mary Sue summed it up best:

…the potential to incentivize seeing the players of the opposite gender as a statistic that needs to be maintained, rather than a basic fact of life (not to mention insensitivity to a spectrum of trans players). While that wouldn’t necessarily create an unequal situation in a population with equal gender ratios, in one with an admitted majority of men it has the potential to lead to players treating female players as a numerical advantage rather than fellow players, if the game’s balance favors these gender-based talents.

Read the entire article here.

Here’s an idea, instead of resorting to bribes, make a game that the ladies will want to play.

Still Kickstarting…

Monday, March 19th, 2012

I am finding Kickstarter endlessly fascinating, especially the games category. I love browsing through the projects to see what sort of games people are trying to make and which of them is actually getting funded. It’s a new dawn of game development.

Plus I find all sorts of nifty things like this amazing Settlers of Catan board. The Kickstarter for this is already over but the guy who is making these phenomenal boards is selling them beyond just the Kickstarter event. Simply beautiful work, though I’m not sure how it would feel playing without colored tiles.

Then there is the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, which is already funded, but still really interesting. Another big name in computer games trying to bypass the publisher route and get funding directly from the fans. I never played the original, but did play some of his later games. The party turn based RPG has long since been replaced by first person everything. Its a genre I was sad to see retreat into the background.

The whole site is like an incredibly interesting anthropological study. Kickstarter may just turn out to be my next facebook, though a bit more cash intensive. =P


Double Fine Ends, Three Million+

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Double Fines’ Kickstarter drive ended today, managing to pull in a total of $3,335,325. That’s quite a bit more then the $400k they were hoping for. I am incredibly curious to see what they will do with the money. Will it be any good?? Going to be a long wait before I find out if my $15 was well spent. =P

And really 87,139 backers is a lot of people to try and satisfy. It could also be a very large angry mob. But then according to Tim Schafer all 87,139 of us get to comment about the game. That is going to be a lot of form spam to get through.

Congratulations to Double Fine. I really really really hope this turns out well.

Online Gems

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Well I have certainly put this one off for long enough. Here goes, the selection is a bit extensive. Sorry, time got away from me.

Also Facebook has been overloaded with Political hype (at least my friends list) so the pickings have become slim to non. Thus I’ve branched out. Moving from Facebook into the wide open internetz.

The Daly Show #7 The Daly Superheroes. Voice over problems.  HILARIOUS! Nathan Fillian and Michael Rosenbaum guest appearances.

Mario Themed love song. My kinda love song. Music and Lyrics by Sam Hart. Super Cute.

‘David Duchovney why won’t you love me??’ An oldy but goody. The video brings back so many X-Files memories.

Photoshop by Adobe – the Industry Standard. Spoof commercial with some astute commentary on our beauty standards.

Archetype – Preview. Amazing effort for an production with no budget. Looks like all the web love this has been getting has made someone in Hollywood pay attention. Might be on the big screen soon!

Portal ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ song. What an appropriate cross over.

Ferris Bueller Honda Commercial – Homage to the 80s movie. Superbowl commercial.

‘Best Game Ever’ song. We have all played with that someone like that. Its a little shouty but the lyrics are spot on.

Kickstarter Saga

Friday, February 10th, 2012

The fan hysteria continues as the Double Fine Kickstarter pledge drive reaches $1.5million. (I know this because I keep refreshing the damn thing.) 31 days left, which still leaves lots of time to rack up the total. I put in my $15, will you?

Turns out Order of the Stick is running a Kickstarter pledge drive as well. Only has ten days left and it too has far exceeded expectations. Clearly us geeky fans are redefine rabid devotion. Anyway I pledged. Was a good excuse to get the last book I was missing.

I have now officially backed two Kickstarter projects. Wise investment? Too early to tell.

Double Fine Kickstarts

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Double Fine, makers of Psychonauts and more, is cutting out the middle man by appealing to the masses, via Kickstarter.

Last night when I was checking it out, only $40k of the requested $400,000 was pledged, but it had just gone up. This morning more then $600,000 has been pledged.

For what you ask? Good question. According to the video of Tim Schafer, it will be a click based adventure game. The making thereof will all be documented on film. You can watch!

Now who doens’t want more adventure games, especially from the talented folks at Double Fine. It will be incredibly interesting to see how this goes as the project is clearly getting funded. With another thirty three days left on the Kickstarter pledge drive, there is lots of time left for even more fans to come out and pledge.

And frankly $400,000 is a very small budget for a game, which I guess is why they have only six months production scheduled.

My only concern is this: typically investors or producers reap some of the rewards as in profits. What happens with the profits? Also where are the checks and balances? Though Tim Shafer scoffs at this notion, there is something to be said for keeping folks accountable.

Double Fine has an excellent reputation and if I was giving away money to a game company, I would probably trust them more then most to actually finish a product. But in the end, I have seen so many projects fail because of running out of money, or poor scheduling, or simply lazyness, that the lack of accountability in the Kickstarter model makes me rather weary.

That all being said, I think Double Fine will make an excellent Litmus test to see if the middle man can be cut out successfully. Plus another adventure game from the fine creators of Grim Fandango. Bonus!

Edit: Its only noon and they already have over $800,000 raised. Maybe they can fund a sequel with the extra money. =)

Edit (5pm): Looks like the passed One Million Dollars! With 32 days left, I have to wonder how much father this pony will run. The fan reaction seems to be nearing mass hysteria. Everyone wants to give money, because everyone else is! Must. Get. In. On. The. Action.

Ready Player One Review (Book)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Ready Player One is the latest geeky book phenomenon by Ernest Cline and also the January book for the Geek Girl Book Club.

Set in a dystopian future; economic and environmental catastrophes have resulted in a huge worldwide resource shortage. Anyone who can afford it escapes his or her poverty stricken existence by plugging into the virtual OASIS, an immersive Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

Upon his death, the creator of OASIS, wills his entire fortune, billions of dollars and controlling shares in the OASIS Company, to the first person that can find the three virtual keys he has hidden inside the game. Massive treasure hunting fever sweeps the world.

Five years later, not a single key has been found. Until Wade, a young man who, like most of his peers, grew up plugged into the OASIS simulation. He discovers, through luck, tenacity and a bit of brains, the first of the three keys. Pandemonium ensues and we get to come along for the ride.


10 (Geeky) New Years Resolutions, I would like other people to make happen.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

January always inspires thoughts of new years resolutions. Whilst contemplating this year’s set of goals, it became apparent to me that my lists are very much the same from year to year, write more, get out more, dance more, play more, same old same old (boring!)

So I scrapped that idea, and thought, well what about a ‘bigger picture’ take on the whole thing. Which of course bogged me down into the realm of world peace, cure cancer, fight depression, and end world hunger. Scrapped that list also. These vital problems are too large and important for a mere January resolution list.

On the verge of abandoning the whole idea, it occurred to me that maybe I should think of this as a wish list. Pick ten really geeky and totally frivolous things I would love to see happen, however unlikely.

And so, with this post, I release my top ten picks into the geekaverse. May they show up on someone’s to do list, preferably someone who can make shit happen.