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Happy Winter Holidays

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

This is by far my favorite time of year, but it does get a bit busy. Lots of organizing and cooking and spending time with awesome people. And the foooood, so much good food. Tis the season to stuff my face until my stomach hurts. =D

All this eating and socializing takes time, which means less time for game playing. Its ironic of course, since this is the time for new game/console releases. ~cough~ xboxone and ps4 ~cough~ (And before you ask, no I didn’t buy either new console. No real interest.)

But its also the time when games dress themselves up in festivity (I didn’t say I was on a total game lock out). I am a total sucker for the seasons festivities, thus I am sharing some of the costume fun with you all this year.

Behold Squirrel Girl Elf and Holiday Hulk (from Marvel Heroes Online):

squirrel girl holiday elf costume winter holiday santa marvel heroes image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love holiday hulk santa hulk marvel heroes game image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love

Happy Winter Holidays Everyone! <3 TFG

Still Gaming

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

I might have implied, in my previous post, that quitting various time intensive games had opened up quite a bit of free time. Even though the idea was to fill said extra time with things other then games, I failed to find anything as riveting. And really, what else is there anyway? (<— DO NOT ANSWER! Rhetorical Question!)

What have I been playing then? Well according to Raptr, mostly Animal Crossing New Leaf. Which is pretty accurate. I have given up sleeping and instead I work on my town. I have majorly responsibilities after all.

My MMO needs have been filled by Marvel Heroes. So. Much. Fun. But then I’m a huge action RPG fan and possibly just a slight bit biased. Just a smidgen. Besides who doesn’t like playing a flaming angel of death?

marvel heroes jean grey phoenix form image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd i love gaming

Jean Grey is SUPER fun to play with her Phoenix form (aka flaming angel of death). But this game encourages altaholics, so I dabble. Played some Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Deadpool, Human Torch, and Storm. I do hope to try them all. Though at this rate, new characters will get released faster then I can keep up.

These two games are definitely my biggest time sinks, though there are a few other games that I’ve been playing. ShadowRun Returns, the game I kickstarted, was released. Quite nostalgic really. Installed Guild Wars 2 again and am whiling away some time in that world. Tried out Neverwinter Nights, but doubt I will spend much more time on it.

There you have it. Sums up the past few months of gaming quite well. I’m as time invested as ever, just not on WoW. =P

Anything else I should be investing time in?


Day 47 – Favorite game adaptation

Monday, December 17th, 2012

tom braider movie poster image game adaptation - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geekVideo game movie adaptations are pretty much universally terrible. Thankfully I really like bad movies, especially since many of these adaptations have crossed that line into ‘so terrible its funny’.

But there are a few that were enjoyable for simply being fun and entertaining. My favorite is probably ‘Tomb Raider’. Angelina Jolie does a great job of being an action star, and I’m always a sucker for an intelligent, kick ass, female heroine. My runners up are ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Resident Evil’.

Let me clarify, these are not great movies, but they still managed to represent their games fairly well and be quite entertaining. Frankly, with the selection of game movies that are out there (~cough~ Dungeon Siege movie ~cough~) these three movies are star wars 2 the original trilogy box image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek

The TVtropes site has an interesting write up about why video game movies suck and how animated versions tend to be better received. Well worth a read for deeper insight.

While games don’t seem to adapt as well into other mediums, the opposite direction is often much more successful. Two of my favorites are Lego Star Wars and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Both are super fun games that represent their various genres extremely well.

Marvel Astonishes

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

While perusing the selection at our local comic book store today, I noticed these cards laid out on the counter. They are save the date invitations. Quite a clever marketing schtick.

Maybe I am the last to get the news but Marvel is having a m/m wedding in the June edition of Astonishing X-Men (#51). Its fabulous and incredible and amazing.

Though Northstar has been openly gay for a while now (he proposed to his boyfriend Kyle in issue #50), I’m a little surprised there haven’t been more reveals. There are over 6000 Marvel Heroes. If even %0.5 of the entire selection was gay, that would still be over 30 superheroes. Granted that not all of them might feel comfortable coming out.

Whatever the case, its nice that one brave (aren’t they all supposed to be brave?) superhero has decided to declare his love.

Bravo Marvel. Bravo to writer by Marjorie Liu and artist Mike Perkins. Even superheroes should get the chance to be happy. I hope they dont pull a World War Hulk ending on the newly weds.

Avengers for the Fifth

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

And for Cinco de Mayo, five adorable Lego Avengers. Well one Asgard bad guy and four Avengers, but all Lego and all cute!

Also go see the Avengers movie!

The Avengers Review (Movie)

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I was extremely fortunate to get to view an early release of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers Movie. There is only really one thing I need to say about it, it was awesome. AWESOME!

I laughed, I cried, I cheered, but mostly I just loved every minute of the experience. If they had let me I would have watched it again, immediately.

The story did an incredibly job of forming these disparate characters into a team, while still giving each of them their moment in the light, highlighting their talents and in the end really making them work well together. That of course was the entire goal of the movie, the formation of the Avengers and it succeeds brilliantly.



Monday, April 30th, 2012

This is what I will be doing tonight!!!!!!!! Just a little excited. Okay maybe a lot. =D

Wearing my Thor World Tour shirt to the Avengers Movie. Yes I’m going to be That girl. =P

X-men First Class Review (Movie)

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Finally watched First Class. Took me far longer then I expected, especially since I really liked the original x-men movie. But then the lack of Wolverine was probably hampering my motivation.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I didn’t like this movie all that much. It was fine, but in my opinion, didn’t add anything vital to the X-men movie lore.

First Class follows the rise of Professor X and Magneto; the former born into the lap of luxury while the latter is subjected to Nazi culling. They meet later in life, both in pursuit of a mutual enemy, where they form a tenuous partnership and start recruiting new mutants.

While I have never found Professor X and Magneto to be the most interesting of mutants (plenty powerful though), they shine in comparison to the ‘first class’ of mutants that are recruited. An odder, more useless set of powers I have never seen. The poor lambs almost seem like the X-men version of redshirts.


Captain America Review (Movie)

Friday, April 20th, 2012

I have never really been interested in Captain America. He has always seemed a bit too patriotic and a bit too mans man for me. But he is an Avenger and I really wanted to watch his origin story before watching the Avengers Movie (which comes out really soon, May 4th!).

I sat down to watch this with very few expectations and found myself enthralled by the beginning of the movie. Steve Rogers, a small and frail man, finds his passion to join the armed forced and fight in WWII thwarted by physical handicaps. But he doesn’t give up, he continues, until recruited by a special unit, which is hoping to create a super soldier to fight the Nazis.

Though Mr. Rogers is physically not the soundest bet, he is ultimately chosen because he is already a hero at heart. Which is what makes the beginning of the movie so compelling, seeing his passion and struggle ultimately rewarded with success. A true underdog story. (I won’t go into the sad assumption that success can only be reached via physical perfection. Clearly Captain America was written before the rise of the nerd.)


Marvel = Disney

Friday, April 13th, 2012

A while ago Disney bought Marvel for a mere $4 billion. Seemed to make sense. Balance out their predominance of Princesses with some Superheros.

Its been over two years now and I was hoping to see some impact of this merger on our trip to Disneyland. I am sad to report that there are currently no Marvel rides.

What I did find was Marvel merchandise. Although there were no Mickey Mouse dressed as Captain America cross overs. How awesome would Pooh Bear look dressed as Iron Man?! (Charles Wilson III’s Pooh as the Hulk.)


Santa – 0, Family – 1!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Santa brought me a new Xbox 360, which should be good right? It is, in that I can finally finish Portal 2. But I’m still bummed that our old Xbox which had so little actual run time, crapped out. I don’t relish giving more money to a company that made such a crappy product.

While the new Xbox is actually really great (pains me to say). It is far smaller, much cuter, and so unexpectedly quiet. But it also didn’t have any of my saved games on it. Get this, to get my saved games off of my old Xbox I would have had to purchase a special wire to facilitate the transfer. More money to Microsoft? Hell No! Thankfully a friend of ours offered to download all the hard drive content to a USB drive. So now I really can finish Portal 2.

Santa’s gift, though mostly necessary, wasn’t really what I wanted. Thankfully my family came through with these awesome Star Wars lunch boxes. I might just have to find some excuse to go back to school. Picnic maybe?

To go along with the lunch boxes, were Marvel and Star Wars cookie cutters. My holiday baking will obviously have to continue!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

<3 TFG

Facebook Gems

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Dragon Age: Redemption 1st Episode
This is Felicia Day’s Dragon Age web series and the first episode was just released on youtube. I was pleasantly surprised, as these fantasy shows can end up a bit cheap looking. She did a great job making it fun, engaging, and feasible. In fact I might just go try Dragon Age. =)

Avengers Movie official Trailer
This movie series that Marvel has pulled off is incredible. Although The Hulk tanked, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor all did well enough to warrant an Avengers Movie. Hopefully it will come together, with the help of Joss Whedon, and astound us with its magnificence.

Zombie debate – Two zombies discuss what a REAL zombie should be like. Really well done!

Portal Super Mario – seems like an obvious combo. =)

How did I ever find out about stuff before Facebook?

Thor Review (Movie)

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

I was fortunate enough to see the new Thor movie last Saturday. That’s right, five days early!! Husband job perk. =D
(Guess that technically makes this a preview, eh, whatever.)

Loved this movie. It managed to find that magic balance between action, computer graphics, humanity, romance, and humor. Yet its still Thor with all sorts of various Marvel nods. Even the lore was spot on (confirmed by my husband) according to the J. Michael Straczynski Thor storyline. (JMS is the guy behind Babylon 5!! <3 B5!)

It should be noted that this is still a Super Hero movie. Suspension of disbelief is a bonus, as is a tolerance for some cheesy moments. But Kenneth Branagh did such a fabulous job directing, the actors were spot on and well picked, the script was actually supportive of the story and the characters, that much of the Super Hero foibles of the past are handled with such grace as to render them inconsequential.