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Mass Effect 2 Review (PC)

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Bioware’s epic sequel was a huge success; sold millions of copies and probably single handedly funded the new Star Wars MMO (well maybe not). Of course all the reviewers loved it, which automatically makes me suspicious.

Good reviews are a kiss/curse for me. Everyone seems to be talking about the damn game, yet I so rarely agree with the general media populace. Internal struggle ensues, which is why I tend to drag my heels.

Thus Mass Effect 2 managed to get shelved behind a bunch of other less controversial items. Plus, it had an extra strike against it because I played Mass Effect (the original) on the xbox. Ugh, playing with those stupid analogue sticks made me want to scream. I think it got a total of twenty minutes playtime before I vowed to torch the disk.

But I learned, and purchased Mass Effect 2 for the PC. If only I had gotten the original on the PC, I might have played it far more.


Words with Friends – I Win!

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

So I have this friend, let’s call him something generic like “Patsy”, he is the reason I am playing Words with Friends (WWF). That’s right, Patsy is my Words with Friends pusher. (Damn you Patsy!!)

Well it gets worse, he is the luckiest WWF player I know. Oooh, maybe he invited me just so he could have another person to beat; conspiracy theories abound.

But I finally figured out how to beat him. Muah!! Words with Friends with Themes. (Side note: the whole theme thing will only work if both parties actually stick to the theme to the best of their abilities.)