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New {Years} Computer

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

New Years Eve at our house has evolved into an almost forgotten holiday and thus tends to be a quite affair. Having done the whole crazy, drunk, excessive, crowded party plenty of times, I find myself quite happy to leave it all behind for some snuggling and champagne. (Really! The idea of being sandwiched in amongst thousands of drunk, sweaty bodies is singularly unappealing.)

This year I took advantage of the guaranteed quiet evening at home and built myself a new computer.

For anyone who hasn’t kept up with my sporadic posting, my husband built himself a new computer as an anniversary present. And though I claimed that I would wait for a new computer until our next anniversary (I tried to wait, I really did!), I only made it as far as the New Year.


Game Closet 2.0

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

A few years ago I wrote about the wonders of my game closet, about how I like to share it with everyone because its my pride and joy. But I’ve been hiding it of late due to the huge mess it has become. The three bookcases that we crammed in there to hold the games have been filled to the brim forever, which means all new games get stacked in front. This pile, that eventually took over the closet, reached higher then my head. Something had to be done.

The stack of games the closet disgorged.

The fabulous new U-shaped built in shelves.

So we cleaned out the entire thing, stacked the games up, trashed the bookshelves and had a wonderful carpenter come by who installed U-shaped built-in shelves in the closet. Best work I have had done on our house, ever.

Not only do we have potential room for some new games, but we can also access all of our games again. This is instead of having to remove the entire six foot stack of games before being able to even see any of the shelved games.

I love my game closet again. In fact I go peek at it simply for fun every now and then.

Sadly I didn’t get a before shot and am kicking myself now. Clearly I was eager to get it all done. But there are loads of after shots. So many. <3

Behold, the wondrous game closet.

Its so neat!!!!

edit: I totally forgot to add that the shelves were made out of recycled shipping boxes. =D

10 (Geeky) New Years Resolutions, I would like other people to make happen.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

January always inspires thoughts of new years resolutions. Whilst contemplating this year’s set of goals, it became apparent to me that my lists are very much the same from year to year, write more, get out more, dance more, play more, same old same old (boring!)

So I scrapped that idea, and thought, well what about a ‘bigger picture’ take on the whole thing. Which of course bogged me down into the realm of world peace, cure cancer, fight depression, and end world hunger. Scrapped that list also. These vital problems are too large and important for a mere January resolution list.

On the verge of abandoning the whole idea, it occurred to me that maybe I should think of this as a wish list. Pick ten really geeky and totally frivolous things I would love to see happen, however unlikely.

And so, with this post, I release my top ten picks into the geekaverse. May they show up on someone’s to do list, preferably someone who can make shit happen.


What to do with old CDs?

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

One of my goals for our move was to sift through all of our stuff, pair down or consolodate what we had. A huge part was sorting through all of our various games, a much needed process.

It turns out that our long standing addiction to MMOGs has resulted in a stack of game CDs to rival the Eiffel Tower. Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but it was quite shocking to find so many completely useless CDs. (EverQuest had by far the most!)

Just throwing them away seems extremely wasteful, but what does one do with these old CDs???