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Resolutions and Geekolutions

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Quick, quick, I need to make some resolutions before the end of January. Yup, I’m procrastinating on making resolutions which I will eventually also find excuses to avoid. Nonono, this year will be different, because…because…because Captain Picard said “Make it so!”

Okay so I don’t really have any resolutions for this year, mainly because I already have lots of things I want to work on but haven’t quite found enough time or motivation. Thus I’m turning my resolution list into my ‘to do’ wish list for 2014.

It is my hope that sharing this list of ‘wishful intentions’ will help me stay motivated, which will hopefully lead to productivity. Its the ‘I already talked about it so I must do it’ self guilt trip that I am hoping will compensate for my high skill at procrastination. (I win at procrastination! Wee!)

Okay starting with the website:
-Finish reviewing all the games on my list . (Eeek!)
-Site redesign and update, hopefully with integrated tumblr.
-Make a video, try anyway. =P
-Podcast some fiction. This one is a long shot.
-Update a bit more. Vague, should be easy to follow.
-Try not to get burned out.

Stopping there, before I completely freak myself out. =)

Oh, but must add a few more personal ones:
-Read 100 books, or 30,000 pages, or both.
-Watch more anime. I have a whole list to get through.

Though I try to start each year with new goals, I found a little extra inspiration from Geek and Sundry this year. They came out with a video last month talking about all of their ‘Geekolutions’, which is just what you would expect it to be, geeky resolutions.

While most of my resolutions are pretty geeky already, one interesting suggestion popped up, the 10×10 challenge on The idea is to pick ten board games and play each of them ten times. That is a huge commitment, but one I am sorely tempted to try. Mostly because I have this huge problem with buying new boardgames, despite having an overwhelming amount of games to play. Attempting this challenge might just help curb my spending on boardgames affliction. But then which boardgames do I pick, and who would play the same ten boardgames with me over and over again? Am going to have to think about this one for a while, maybe a whole year. =P

Happy New Year Everyone. (Look I procrastinated so long that I managed to post in between Gregorian New Year and Chinese New Year. Covering all my bases.)


Happy New Year and 2013 Retrospective!

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

captain picard dont wish for a great 2014, make it so image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming loveIt’s officially 2014! Happy New Year everyone! Lets hope for great things to come, or better yet, take a note from the fabulous Captain Picard and make it so! I have to say that I am finding this to be excellent advice and am using it as motivation to work on various projects I have been thinking about for a while now.

But enough about the future, there is all of 2014 ahead to make plans (see me already procrastinating). Properly closing out 2013 calls for a retrospective, or at least a rundown of stats. =)

2013 TFG numbers:

66 posts
5 reviews
18 unreviewed games. ~sigh~
1132 gaming hours tracked
236 Books read, which amounts to 54,325 pages.

Not really as bad as I had expected, especially since I suffered a major “I dont wanna” episode (aka writing burn out!) in 2013. Though I don’t think I can maintain the 10-30 posts a month, I have recovered enough that I am actually looking forward to updating a bit more frequently. Maybe time to tackle that not reviewed list. Eek.

Clearly I played enough games, with just over 47 days (1132hours/24days) of gaming time clocked on raptr. Well that answers the mystery of what I was doing instead of writing reviews, gaming and reading books.

Yes, many books, many pages. Of course, over one hundred of the 236 I read are manga, and though I don’t want to disparage graphic novels, because I love them, I can finish one 200-page manga a bit faster then a comparably long novel. And I’m a fast reader, so maybe the numbers make the time commitment seem a bit more extravagant.

Well that sums up 2013 neatly, mostly anyway, since I didn’t keep track of boardgames at all. Suffice it to say that my collection has grown.

But onward to 2014, the future is here!!

Holiday Relaxings

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Now that things are slowing down after the rush of holidays (no 12 days of Christmas for us) its time to sit back and enjoy the spoils of winter festivities. For me this mostly means getting some gaming time in and lazing around the house (aka playing 3DS while I catch up on shows. Current favorite: Continuum.)

As for presents, I don’t really have that much to report. The husband and I have a very firm no presents with each other rule. This is balanced out by the ‘we are grown ups and can buy ourselves whatever we want, when we want it’ rule; good for us, but horrible for anyone actually wanting to get us presents. Thus we avoid the gift exchange all together, when possible anyway.

tatung rice cooker image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love

Isn’t it pretty?!?

But this year my gaming buddies managed to get me something super awesome. Okay, its not gaming awesome but since I have a ‘splurging on gaming awesome’ issue, my friends had to fill in other blanks that I tend to avoid. They got me a rice cooker! But not just any rice cooker, nope, the fancy one I had been eying forever, that I just couldn’t quit bring myself to buy. Now I OWN it and rice will be the new staple at our house!

My one self purchase that I have designated as my holiday present, was this awesome N7 hoodie. I have to say I really really love it; its super stylish as well as comfortable and geeky. Though I call it my holiday gift, I actually ordered it at the beginning of December. And I’m super glad I did, as of this writing, everything but the XL is sold out. Even when I bought it the medium was sold out. I got the large instead and since I prefer to be comfy, the roominess of the large suits me well.

I hope everyone had (or is having) a fabulous winter (or summer if you happen to be on the south side of the planet) holiday season. Onward to the 2014!! <3

Happy Winter Holidays

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

This is by far my favorite time of year, but it does get a bit busy. Lots of organizing and cooking and spending time with awesome people. And the foooood, so much good food. Tis the season to stuff my face until my stomach hurts. =D

All this eating and socializing takes time, which means less time for game playing. Its ironic of course, since this is the time for new game/console releases. ~cough~ xboxone and ps4 ~cough~ (And before you ask, no I didn’t buy either new console. No real interest.)

But its also the time when games dress themselves up in festivity (I didn’t say I was on a total game lock out). I am a total sucker for the seasons festivities, thus I am sharing some of the costume fun with you all this year.

Behold Squirrel Girl Elf and Holiday Hulk (from Marvel Heroes Online):

squirrel girl holiday elf costume winter holiday santa marvel heroes image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love holiday hulk santa hulk marvel heroes game image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming love

Happy Winter Holidays Everyone! <3 TFG

I’m in Second Place!

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

This weekend marks the beginning of week 11 of Fantasy Football and I find myself (miraculously) in second place! See, see, see:
second place in fantasy football league week 11 image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming loveThe Fantasy Football Gods have been smiling down on me (its the only logical explanation) since my past two week win streak has nothing to do with my own team performing exceptionally well, but is instead due to my opponents failing miserably.

As it turns out, my team’s mediocre performance still counts as a win, if my opponent tanks it. Woot!!

At this rate, I might even make the play offs, though nothing is locked in place yet. My team is still only 6-4, which is a rather poor record for second place. Then again the next seven ranked teams are 5-5, so this week could see an entire reshuffling of the ranks. Except first place, which is held by the newest member of our FF league. Rookie year with a 9-1 record thus far. I am just going to go with beginners luck, until further years of data gathering prove me wrong. =P


Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

halloween 2013 king of tokyo expansion image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerd gaming loveHave a wonderful Halloween, filled with lots of games and candy. Can’t forget the candy. =D

This little Halloween edition is the latest King of Tokyo boardgame expansion. Quite cute really and since its been pretty boardgame heavy at our house of late, it seemed like a good halloween share.

Okay, trick or treating done, now back to watching Arrow. Not bad so far.



Fantasy Football Update

Saturday, October 26th, 2013
My week 8 team. Note all the people on Bye. I dont forsee a win this week either. /sigh

My week 8 team. Note all the people on Bye. I dont forsee a win this week either. /sigh

No news in the case of Fantasy Football is not good news. The past five weeks have resulted in two wins and three losses, leaving my score mid season at 3 wins and 4 losses. My team is currently in 10th place (out of 12 /sob).

So not looking good. Part of the issue was that I stuck with Colin Kaepernick longer then I should have due to his amazing opening game. He has not been scoring anywhere near as high since that first game. I finally switched to Philip Rivers three weeks ago, who isn’t amazing, but at least he isn’t getting negative points.

My other weak point was my kicker. I didn’t even know kickers could get negative points. Well they can and he did and thus got traded. HA!

But probably my teams current biggest weakness is a serious lack of Wide Receivers who score decent points. This of course is not helped by Reggie Wayne messing up his knee last weekend and taking himself out for the rest of the season. He was my highest earning WR. Really how could he do this too me?!!?!? (I kid, I kid. I hope he recovers well. Knee injuries suck.)

Anyway my Fantasy Football season has been quite dissapointing. Ah well. I still have Animal Crossing New Leaf, they love me there. =P

Birthday Month

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Since its the very last day of my birthday month, I thought I would share some very awesome Dungeons and Dragons cakes that I saw on the internetz. Not that I would every want to actually eat any of these cake. They seem far to awesome to waste. =P

Gaming Convalescence

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

I’m finally feeling better, which means I’m semi productive in the real world instead of only being a computer game lump. Funny how most of my illnesses end up getting cured by playing lots of computer games, and maybe a little bit of sleep.

Since I missed it, happy belated May 4th (be with you), May 5th (Cinco de Mayo), and May Sith (revenge of). There, all caught up. =D

Game productivity, on the other hand, was high!


Not Aprils Fools, really?

Friday, April 5th, 2013

April Fools Day online is great, because I get to observe without having to participate. Plus most of the online jokes tend to be funny and avoid being cruel. It also means that around mid march I start becoming suspicious of all news announcements that seems even a little strange.

Of course when April Fools Day does roll around and all the jokes are revealed, they inevitably only show up on the actual day and mysteriously vanish the next. I know this, yet still harbor a little bit of doubt, or maybe hope, each year.

Here are my top four “Let this be an April Fools joke” pieces of gaming news.

SimCity is most unplayable single player game of all time.

LucasArts gets Disneyed, I mean shut down.

Blizzard announces a card game….to play online. An online card game. Like Magic the gathering. Online. Still waiting for them to say this is a joke.

My World of Warcraft Warlock’s dps. Its a joke, sadly not relegated to April Fools Day only. Not news so much as QQ. >_<

As for ‘real’ April Fools, youTube was the clear 2013 winner. Best contest ever!

Any news items you think should have been an April Fools Joke or at least sounded like one?

Happy generic holiday that makes my online games more interesting

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Puzzle and Dragons Easter Egg in Yule Sock Monster. Go figure.

Puzzle and Dragons Easter Egg in Yule Sock Monster. Its the any holiday monster. =D

Happy Veronica Pi Day

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

The Veronica Mars thing has been so distracting I totally forgot about Pi day. FOR SHAME! So happy Pi day everyone. (Thats all I got, pitiful, I know!)

In other Veronica Mars news, the Kickstarter offered more bit parts in the movie for exorbitant amounts of money and once again they are all sold out (over $3million now). My yearly budget is very happy that I wasn’t able to snatch any of those up, but my inner dreamer is crying. ~sob~


Was just wondering, is there a movie you guys would pay $10k to have a small speaking part in?

God Fest in Puzzles and Dragons

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Puzzles and dragons venus god fest pull magic stones 1st anniversary event image - token female gamer girl gamer woman gamer geek gamer chickPuzzles and Dragons is celebrating its one year Anniversary with God Fest! For anyone as Puzzle and Dragons obsessed devoted as me, today is the day to spend some of those magic coins and get a few extra pulls on the rare egg machine, because the drop rate on Gods has been increased. But only for today, as God Fest ends on March 1st. Almost makes me want to go buy some magic coins.

My first pull of the day resulted in Venus (love her crazy skill!) —–>

Since I am of the ‘stop while ahead’ mindset, I haven’t tried again. Will probably try again later, once I’m sure my ‘already pulled one God’ karma has worn off. =P

Anyone else pull something fun?


Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

I always try to do the whole new years resolution thing, but find, like most people, that I simply don’t manage. Mostly old habits are hard to overcome, but its also the time of year. Why is it so crazy after new year? Didn’t we just leave the crazy Winter Holiday time behind?

Well, I can say for certain that the whole stomach flu put a wrench in things and now my whole life is about a week behind. Thankfully I’m feeling all better. Now to find motivation. Isn’t that always the thing, finding motivation. Thus failed resolutions are the norm.

My usual resolution for TFG is to do more reviews and this year is really no different. Looking at my to be reviewed list, it occurs to me that maybe its time to change the name of this blog to ‘games I played last year’ since my delay time seems to run about a year. But those changes also require motivation. (Ha!) But a by line is easy to change.

Thus I shall continue onward in my quest to find motivation and finish all those darn reviews. (Double HA!)

I leave you with this awesome video of Mindstorm genius (LEGO!) Watch it!



It is done!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Another 30 days of video games is completed! I even managed to get every post in on the actual day, ok more like middle of the night, despite my not having pre written that many and being super busy for the holidays. But it still counts!! Plus it was really fun. Thank you to everyone for participating.

In other ending news, 2012 is officially over, so happy new year everyone.

I am actually quite pleased with how 2012 turned out for this blog. With a total of 60 days of video games posts, 20 reviews, 80 books read, and (thanks to raptr) over 600 hours of gaming tracked, a lot was accomplished.

As for the brand new 2013, we shall see. The site could probably use a redesign, but since its unclear how much spare time there will be, I shall refrain setting my goals too high. How about a few more reviews at least? =P

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. Its always a pleasant surprise to find out that anyone actually reads what I write. Clearly you are all being paid by me to comment the most awesomeest of readers.

Happiest of 2013 everyone!