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In Review

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

I do so love to close out most years with a glance back at my performance, be it cringe-tastic or worthy of a small pat on the back. Though I prefer the pats, I do tend to learn more from those cringy moments. =D


Reading Challenge didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. I started off strong, but burned out around October. Though I only read 35,101 pages of the 50k I had planned, I still managed to hit the 100 books read tally. It does look like 50k pages is a bit ambitious, life is a bit too busy. Maybe I’ll aim for 40k this year.

91 Posts this year, eighteen of those reviews. Always a goal to ramp that up a bit and I think I managed that nearing the end of the year. One thing that helped was realizing that not everything I post has to be a five page dissertation. Soundbites are fine sometimes.

Tumblr was a big fail. I so don’t have time for extended social media. Sorry. What it really comes down to is that ultimately the site is here to give me an opportunity to get more writing in. Though I would like to get my post count up, I have more chance of succeeding, if that is what I focus on instead of trying to juggle various social media extensions.

Podcasting was fun, though its not something I’m very good at. Like all things, I would need more practice to get better at it. Though I have run out of spare time to do more Podcasts with the Mulititap folks, I might record some of my own. Eventually.

One great thing about having the site, is that it has encouraged me to branch out and try a larger variety of games. I think 2011 was particularly successful in this regard. (Taking a break from WoW was also a huge help.) =p

Knowing that I will be reviewing something also makes me struggle through more of the content. I’m always trying to give the game more of a chance, so I can review it with as much information on hand as possible.

Overall a pretty good year for TFG. Onward to 2012! <3

Missing the Point

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Tumblr, what is the point? Same with twitter. I have this sinking feeling that I am totally missing the point.

My little tumblr trial is fine, but most of the time I wonder why I’m not just posting all this stuff on my main blog. I guess if I didn’t want the site to be gummed up with random links and so forth, but really my post count is so low that having a tumblr site seems strange.

Maybe if I was posting like a mad woman already and wanted a place to just put random soundbites tumblr would be great. Turns out I just dont have the time.

So much for my tumblr attempt. It was fun while it lasted. Time to spam my own blog. =D



Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

I’m always a little slow to get on the bandwagon with things. As nearly the last person in the USA to finally have a Facebook account, it shouldn’t be surprising that I hadn’t really heard of tumblr before.

Turns out it’s really twitter, but more. Twitter never really seemed to make sense to me. Facebook already has a ton of inane one sentence updates, why bother with something as limiting as Twitter.

Tumblr on the other hand allows for all sorts of fabulous media, yet like Twitter, encourages brevity.

So I thought I would try Tumblr. Might be shortlived, but it seems fun so far. =D

Take note that I my Tumblr account is about ten hours old at the time of this posting.