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Captain America Review (Movie)

I have never really been interested in Captain America. He has always seemed a bit too patriotic and a bit too mans man for me. But he is an Avenger and I really wanted to watch his origin story before watching the Avengers Movie (which comes out really soon, May 4th!).

I sat down to watch this with very few expectations and found myself enthralled by the beginning of the movie. Steve Rogers, a small and frail man, finds his passion to join the armed forced and fight in WWII thwarted by physical handicaps. But he doesn’t give up, he continues, until recruited by a special unit, which is hoping to create a super soldier to fight the Nazis.

Though Mr. Rogers is physically not the soundest bet, he is ultimately chosen because he is already a hero at heart. Which is what makes the beginning of the movie so compelling, seeing his passion and struggle ultimately rewarded with success. A true underdog story. (I won’t go into the sad assumption that success can only be reached via physical perfection. Clearly Captain America was written before the rise of the nerd.)

But once he is Captain America, the movie changes. It has a brief cabaret interlude (very odd!) and then firmly settles into generic action movie.

I have no problem with action movies, they are plenty fun, but the beginning of this movie set a standard. I was expecting the character development thread to continue through out, but it doesn’t.

What it does is a disservice to Steve Rogers, his passions and his struggles. The man he was before the procedure is buried amidst a mass of muscle and changed beyond recognition. And though Captain America is victorious in the end, it doesn’t feel like a heroic journey. They used up every bit of heroism in the first thirty minutes.

Release date: July 19 2011
Genre: Superhero/Action
Length: 124 minutes
Media viewed: DVD


Three out of Five Mushrooms. I was pleasantly surprised by Steve Rogers’ becoming Captain America journey. The rest of the movie was fine, fun, action packed, silly, but not as good as the beginning.

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2 Responses to “Captain America Review (Movie)”

  1. Myrmidian Says:

    I thought Captain America had a good beginning, a bad middle, and an okay ending. I put it at the same ranking as Thor, which is about a C+ in the comic book movie realm.

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I actually liked Thor much better mainly because it maintained its campyness through out the story. I dont need deep insightful stories or characters and am happy to stick with just fun, which is what Thor was for me. Campy fun the whole way.
    Captain America on the other hand set the bar very high right off the bat and then failed to follow through. Which is just irritating. If it had maintained the level of depth that the opening sequence had achieved, I probably would have ranked this as one of my top five favorite superhero movies. Which is saying a lot since I really was never much of a Captain America fan.