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John Carter Review (3D Movie)

I sat down in the movie theater tonight unsure what I was about to watch. Science fiction and action my husband told me, two genres I am always up for watching.

The experience turned out to be quite entertaining; lots of action, good humor, compassionate story, and really good acting.

What I find interesting about this movie is that it is based on a 1917 pulp science fiction story by Edgar Rice Burrough. Both book and movie are about a man, John Carter, who gets mysteriously transported to Mars, where his heroic journey leads him to saving the planet. Though the story must have been updated a bit, it was written almost a hundred years ago, I am really curious to see how similar the movie and book are. Going to try and find a copy of the book to read now.

I absolutely must mention the main actress in the movie, Lynn Collins. Science fiction and fantasy can be a hard sell in movies, especially if the actors aren’t committed. Well Lynn Collins really sold this movie for me. She did an incredible job with a role that easily could have turned cheesy.

That goes for the graphics as well. Much of this movie was computer generated graphics. Really well done actually, especially with all the Steampunk like machines.

Also a quick shout out to Taylor Kitsch, who spent almost the entire movie in a loin cloth. Nice Abs!

3D, yup we saw the ‘in depth’ version. I probably would have preferred to see it in regular old 2D, but we only had the one option. In the end I really didn’t mind very much because it wasn’t fly at my face 3D.

Release date: March 9th 2012
Genre: Science Fiction Action Adventure


Four out of Five Mushrooms. I really enjoyed the movie in a mindless good summer block buster sort of way. Which makes the March release a bit confusing. Whatever the case, I really recommend checking this out. It’s even more entertaining if you think of some Victorian dude having written it almost a hundred years ago.

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8 Responses to “John Carter Review (3D Movie)”

  1. Nope Says:

    Wait, who did you go with?

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Hmm I guess I didn’t make that obvious enough. Was a bit tired by the end. I went with my husband. =)

  3. Bill Says:

    The book is still sitting on my Kindle… got it for free. I got as far as finding out that the guy was from Virginia.

  4. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Hehehe, that doesn’t seem like you got very far.
    Its a great movie to watch without much prior knowledge because it starts out completely different, more like a western and then bam! there are aliens. =)

  5. Nope Says:

    You made him watch a 3D movie?

  6. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    It was his suggestion, so I didn’t make him do anything. =P

  7. Nope Says:

    But he only sees one and a half Ds…

  8. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Again, his choice. Which just shows how wonderful he is. =D