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Next Gundam Suit Model

gundam model choices endless waltz image - token female gamer girl gamer female gamer woman gamer geek gamer nerdNow that I finally finished my first Gundam Model, its time to pick the next, more challenging, project.

These are my two options, both are master grade and 1/100 scale, and both are from Endless Waltz, which is one of the super popular Gundam series. (My favorite is StarDust Memories!)

The real question is which one to pick. Wing Gundam XXXG-01W (pictured on the right) sports massive wings and seems to be able to perform a minor transformation into bird mode. Gundam Heavyarms XXXG-01H (pictured on the left) is the heavy infantry model with Gatling gun and missile launchers.

Both are quite awesome and I’m sure both will get done eventually. Maybe I should look at this as a chance to rewatch Mobile Suite Gundam – Endless Waltz and see which one is more badass in action. It has been an awfully long time since my first viewing.

Just checked and they dont have it on Netflix. I might check my local anime store, but they have been carrying fewer and fewer anime. K-Drama and J-Drama’s are taking over.

I do own Stardust Memories, on VHS. Yes I’m an old, old anime nerd. Might just have to dig out the VCR.

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3 Responses to “Next Gundam Suit Model”

  1. Deveryn Says:

    I’ve always been fond of anything that transforms. Seeing these makes me want to shop around for another addition to my collection.

  2. Diego Says:

    Boy, I would like to watch Stardust Memories again.

  3. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I’m a big fan of all things that transform as well, plus wings. Love wings. =D