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Online Gems

Well I have certainly put this one off for long enough. Here goes, the selection is a bit extensive. Sorry, time got away from me.

Also Facebook has been overloaded with Political hype (at least my friends list) so the pickings have become slim to non. Thus I’ve branched out. Moving from Facebook into the wide open internetz.

The Daly Show #7 The Daly Superheroes. Voice over problems.  HILARIOUS! Nathan Fillian and Michael Rosenbaum guest appearances.

Mario Themed love song. My kinda love song. Music and Lyrics by Sam Hart. Super Cute.

‘David Duchovney why won’t you love me??’ An oldy but goody. The video brings back so many X-Files memories.

Photoshop by Adobe – the Industry Standard. Spoof commercial with some astute commentary on our beauty standards.

Archetype – Preview. Amazing effort for an production with no budget. Looks like all the web love this has been getting has made someone in Hollywood pay attention. Might be on the big screen soon!

Portal ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ song. What an appropriate cross over.

Ferris Bueller Honda Commercial – Homage to the 80s movie. Superbowl commercial.

‘Best Game Ever’ song. We have all played with that someone like that. Its a little shouty but the lyrics are spot on.

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5 Responses to “Online Gems”

  1. greymalkin Says:

    OMG I was *just* randomly thinking about the David Duchovny song today, idly wondering if I should check iTunes to see if a better quality video has been uploaded. The ones I have are horrible quality. This is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen, thanks! I never watched Xfiles and found Mulder dull (sorry if you’re a fan) but this video cracks me up. I love it. “The Man. The Myth. The Monotone”….the shots with Scully and Buffy/SMG… the Springer short at the end…. so so so awesome.

    I love the Portal video too- there is so much creativity surrounding Portal.

    The Daly Show vid was so wonderful. I love Nathan Fillion.

    Have you seen this Mario video? It is a parody of some other song called Video Games, hence the puffy lips and lip synching.

    Haha loved the Ferris ad.

    Archtype does look cool but I agree with the commenter- isn’t this just an update of Robocop?

    The Fotoshop fake ad is brilliant, I love that they put in the Demi Moore and Faith Hill covers that caused such fuss and have such horrible photoshop problems. I love me my photoshop but I don’t love how it is abused in advertising. I have a small selection of related links (including a very cool article with Jamie Lee Curtis) if you are interested.

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I was an X-files fan, but no worries, I dont expect everyone else to be. The video was a really great slice of fandom at the time. =)

    Hahahah, that Mario video is hilarious. Love the puffy lips.

    Archtype could be an updated Robocop. Hard to tell since we dont know the rest of the story. But then I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just an update on a classic.

    I would love to read your photoshop related links. I too use it all the time, but the fashion/advertising/movie/etc industries abuse it.

  3. greymalkin Says:

    My roommate back then was obsessed with the X-files so I learned some about the show by osmosis. She did show me the funny Lone Gunmen scene where they were gaming “in memorium”.

    It’s not really the photoshop but more about the distortion of women’s bodies in advertising that I have a collection of.

    Jaime Lee Curtis (love her!)

    One part of a long video by Jean Kilbourne

    A cool online reference if you want to show your girls that athletic bodies can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and also how training can shape a body

    Also I have two books I would recommend- you’re totally welcome to borrow either to look through them.

    This Is Who I Am by Roseanne Olson
    This is a wonderful, uplifting and bittersweet book of artistic nude photos of women at all ages and all shapes and sizes. The photos are combined with short essays by the women about their bodies.

    Body Drama by Nancy Redd
    This is a book I think all parents with young girls going through adolescence and puberty should at least consider. It has pictures of normal young women, combined with text, that show the wide range of female shapes and sizes. Not some photoshoped, anorexic ideal, but normal women. With all the quirks and bits that usually get photoshopped out. Moles, acne, third nipples, cellulite… it’s got pictures and frank advice on what to do about it. And I don’t mean “starve yourself” kind of body-hate, I mean useful practical things like how to get a bra that fits, how to deal if your body odor is strong, etc.

    Getting a bit away from the body image theme but still worthy references I think:


    Sarah Kay, spoken word poet at TED

    Why so few women leaders?

  4. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    So much!!

    Love the Jaime Lee photo shoot. Love that she is so happy to just be herself.

    The Jean Kilbourne thing is scary. But love the different bodies. And I am always up for more books. =D

    After reading the Sweden article I want to move our family there. Such a difference.

    Loved loved loved Sarah Kay. I love her enthusiasm. How did she manage to hold onto it. =/

    Thanks for all the links. <3

  5. greymalkin Says:

    Glad you liked! I totally <3 Jaime Lee Curtis. I'll put those books aside for you also :D