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The Avengers Review (Movie)

I was extremely fortunate to get to view an early release of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers Movie. There is only really one thing I need to say about it, it was awesome. AWESOME!

I laughed, I cried, I cheered, but mostly I just loved every minute of the experience. If they had let me I would have watched it again, immediately.

The story did an incredibly job of forming these disparate characters into a team, while still giving each of them their moment in the light, highlighting their talents and in the end really making them work well together. That of course was the entire goal of the movie, the formation of the Avengers and it succeeds brilliantly.

This balance between character development and story was really quite masterfully done, as was the balance between action and humor. I wasn’t kidding when I said I laughed and cried, though there were far more funny parts, this never detracted from the action.

There are so many great moments in this movie and I certainly won’t spoil any of them, because I really think they are best experienced in person. I would like to highlight the Black Widow character and send a thank you out to Joss Whedon for making her role an actual role instead of relegating her to just eye candy. She is smart, beautiful, and extremely effective. And as a woman watching this movie, I found her character an essential part of my ability to enjoy and relate to the movie.

Really, this movie is very much worth going to see. Just go see it. Go see it so we can discuss it, because I really don’t want to spoil anything. This is by far the best Marvel movie to date and its high on the best of Joss Whedon list for sure.

Release date: May 4, 2012
Genre: Superhero Action Movie
Length: 143 minutes
Media viewed: 3D Movie Theatre


Five out of Five Mushrooms. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Most fun I have had in the theatre in a long time. It was so good, the 3D glasses didn’t even bother me. I might just have to go see it again, and again, and again. Maybe by the fifth time I will notice a few flaws, but before then I will be having too much fun to notice. (That is if there are any to find!)

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10 Responses to “The Avengers Review (Movie)”

  1. Myrmidian Says:

    By far, eh?

  2. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Yup. =D

  3. diego Says:

    Looks like I’ll be watching a movie this weekend.

  4. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Good!! I plan on going to see it again soon. Probably after the first big rush of people have seen it. Already did my packed movie experience. =P

  5. greymalkin Says:

    I really loved it. The dialog had me laughing almost though the whole movie. I really admire Joss’ ability to have character development while they are punching bad guys (or each other). I really loved Mark Ruffalo’s take on Hulk, he played it low key and smart, which is so much more appealing than whiny angst-monster. I also really liked the way the different characters were mix-n-matched to show the dynamics of a team slowly building.

    The only two duds for me were the female sidekick for Nick Fury. Ugh, her nasal voice and flat acting were so glaringly obvious next to the rest of the cast (she’s fine on HIMYM, but not in this). And I really disliked Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. He didn’t convince me that Hawkeye was smart or cool. I thought the craptastic archery was going to irritate me but honestly I didn’t even really notice because I found him so boring that my eyes kept drifting away from him to look at the background any time he was on the screen. My friend really likes him so it’s probably just me.

    The waste of Enver Gjokaj (Victor from Dollhouse) in a bit part was criminal. Man I would loved to see him as Hawkeye. He’s not the best fit for it but at least I’d have paid attention to him.

    My hubby didn’t really care for it, and in some ways it almost sounds like he had a similar reaction that you did to X-Men First Class. He saw Iron Man 1 and 2, and the two hulk movies, but didn’t see Captain America or Thor. And since most of the movie’s plot came from those two movies, he didn’t have any emotional investment in the doomsday device or the villain. So the plot was really uninteresting to him and the story between Thor and Loki flew right over his head.

    He also lacked a lot of background on the characters, and since the movie only sketchily covered back history stuff, I think that really hampered his ability to connect to any of the characters. Thus the dialog was less funny and meaningful.

    Of course I’ve only seen Iron Man 1&2 and Thor, so not seeing all the previous movies may not be so critical, but it does seem like it didn’t help.

    Oh well!

    I hear the DVD release will have more extended scenes with character development/dialog so perhaps that will be better for him. I know I’m totally buying it! :D

  6. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I am totally buying it as well! Especially if it has extended footage. Maybe I will wait and see if they do a Directors Cut. YEah!

    Sorry to hear that the hubby didn’t like it. Then again that might be simply because everyone else liked it. =P

    I did see all the movies and made a point too, so maybe I was already emotionally invested, but I felt that they did a pretty good job of not relying too much on the past movies. It really seemed like each character had their little intro that gave plenty of information. But again I’m not the best judge of that since I had seen all the movies.

    My only real beef with the movie was Captain America’s suit. It kept distracting me with its odd hoody and I swear I saw a frayed seam or two. Also Loki seemed a bit on the stupid side, maybe naive is a better word. Just seemed odd that he would be caught flat footed. =)

    Anyway glad you liked it. Clearly you have excellent taste. =D
    Also I’m glad that Joss Whedon is finally getting some credit for his skill.

  7. greymalkin Says:

    I liked how the background cliffnotes were slipped in as “briefings” since most of the team had never heard of eachother again. Captain America hearing about how Hulk was a disastrous version of the program he went through, managed to give us emotional insight into both characters at the same time, without having to spell it all out. Thor’s “he’s adopted” was hysterical.

    **mild spoilers ahead if someone hasn’t seen Avengers yet**

    LOL, I only noticed CA’s suit because of Colson’s “you know I helped design it” fanboy bragging. I did recall thinking the hoodie was a little weird but I didn’t see the CA movie so I don’t know how they handled the cowl before.

    Loki was also caught off guard in the Thor movie too so I didn’t really notice him being too much dumber in this one, but he was a lot less nasty and manipulative, which surprises me in retrospect as this is a Joss Whedon movie. Ah well, I don’t mind too terribly much because it was a “team formation” movie so the villain is going to be somewhat hamstrung because he has to be defeatable by a very shaky team.

    Ditto on the Joss Whedon credit, between this and Cabin in the Woods, he’s getting lots of positive buzz which is great!

  8. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    Yeah I can’t say that the Loki stuff bothered me too much either, its more in retrospect.

    So much to love about this movie. =D

  9. diego Says:

    Finally saw it and I really liked it! Ironically, I liked the Hulk the most among the characters. The animated Hulk actually acted and showed character. Will Joss Whedon be doing the inevitable sequels?

  10. TokenFemaleGamer Says:

    I’m pretty sure he is signed on for the next one. Not sure after that. =)
    Glad you liked it. And yeah the Hulk was pretty fabulous.